Cause analysis and treatment of strange smells on dogs

The reason for the strange smell on the dog

1. Odor in the mouth

The first is abnormal food metabolism, poor digestion in the gastrointestinal tract, imbalance of the gastrointestinal flora, and abnormal ammonia smell due to fermentation. At this time, attention should be paid to adjusting the diet and gastrointestinal tract. Secondly, after a dog eats human food, food residues remain in the teeth, making the mouth smell strong, but such a smell will not remain for a long time, and the saliva in the mouth will generally flush the residue into the stomach. The persistent bad breath is often caused by periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is caused by the accumulation of dental plaque and tartar between teeth. Bacteria multiply in the warm and humid mouth to produce sulfur, which is the source of odor. Of course, severe dental calculus can also stimulate the inflammation of the gums and the proliferation of bacteria, which is also one of the causes of bad breath.

Tumors and ulcers in the mouth are also one of the important causes of bad breath, and sublingual cysts (hematomas) can also cause bad breath in the mouth. In the case of dental calculus and gingivitis or oral tumor hematoma, you should find a doctor for further examination as soon as possible to establish a treatment plan, surgery or antibiotic treatment.

Generally speaking, many dogs don’t like brushing their teeth, so we’d better try small gauze on their teeth when they are a few months old, let them get used to it, and then switch to a small toothbrush for dogs. , The toothpaste we usually use for people cannot be used for dogs, because ordinary toothpaste will foam, and dogs cannot spit out the foam like we do. If you swallow it, it will cause stomach upset. We should buy toothpaste for dogs. , This toothpaste also has different flavors (such as chicken, beef, etc.), puppies generally like it.

If you are very uncooperative when brushing your dog’s teeth, you can buy some dog bones to give it some help. Sometimes you can also prepare some raw carrots for him to eat. The carrots can be scraped during the chewing process. Take some tartar, and if you make oxtail soup at home in the future, don’t forget to leave a section of cooked oxtail for your dog to eat. While enjoying the delicious oxtail, the fibers of the meat and tendons on the oxtail will play a role in the teeth. The effect of massage cleaning can even clean to the parts that are not easy to brush when brushing your teeth!

Daily food also affects teeth. Generally speaking, dry dog ​​food is better than wet dog food (canned food). Wet dog food tends to accumulate tartar on teeth, while dry food is harder and crunchy. Dogs can bite dry food. By the way, clean the surface of the teeth. Some owners are accustomed to keeping dog food there throughout the day. The dog can eat it whenever he wants. In fact, this is not good because the bacteria in the mouth will be more active every time you eat. , If you feed it twice a day, the bacteria will only be active twice.

2. The smell from the skin

If the pet has a wound, the infection will lead to the proliferation of bacteria, and peculiar smell is very common. In addition, estrus and childbirth, endocrine disorders, etc., will cause abnormal smells on the dog.

Various skin diseases will have a certain abnormal smell or not. Regular examination of the body surface, touching and cleaning are all a way to communicate with babies.

Parasites on the body surface, biting the skin, causing bacterial infections, or pets’ unusually frequent scratching, will smell bad. There is often a source of odor. Dogs use their tongues to lick their skin for a long time. The tongue will bring bacteria, saliva and dust to the coat, which can also cause odor.

Methods to eliminate bad smells from dogs

1. Know the condition of your dog’s skin

1. Dogs have no sweat glands

Because dogs do not have sweat glands, they must rely on their hair and skin to resist bacteria and other germs. Their skin periodically secretes a substance to form a protective film.

2. The acidity of the skin

Human skin is weakly acidic, while dogs are weakly alkaline. Therefore, human cleaning products should not be used when bathing dogs. Instead, pet-specific shower gels should be selected to avoid causing dog skin diseases.

3. Adjust the dog’s diet

If the body odor is caused by physiological conditions, it can be adjusted from the diet, such as replacing the food with chicken or beef that is easy to digest and absorb. If you continue to have problems with body odor and hair loss, you should go to the hospital for examination.

2. The murderer who caused the dog’s body odor

1. Normal metabolism

Dogs do not have sweat glands, but the smell of dogs is not a problem caused by sweat accumulation. Dogs will only secrete a little oil under normal metabolism, which will not cause unacceptable taste.

2. The culprit causing body odor

The main culprit that causes serious body odor in dogs is the body fluids or dirt produced after the body’s metabolism. Since it does not produce too much, it is not easy for the owner to find it and cause negligence in cleaning.

3. How often do dogs take a bath

Excessive bathing will destroy the protective film on the skin. The correct bathing frequency should be once a week in summer and once every two or three weeks in winter. For old or small dogs, you can choose to use a moist towel instead of bathing.

3. Know the anal glands of dogs

1. Other smells of dogs

The anal gland is the biggest odor in a dog’s body. Anal gland fluid will be discharged with the dog’s defecation, but a small part of it will accumulate in the glandular sac. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will emit a strong stench.

2. Remind the owner to clean up

If the owner sees that the dog’s buttocks have been rubbing the floor and will keep chasing the tail in circles, or if he is sensitive to the buttocks, then the dog is reminding the owner to clean the anal glands.

3. When cleaning the anal glands

If the owner is cleaning the anal glands, he should take measures to protect himself, because if it is stained with anal gland fluid, it will take a long time to wash to remove the odor. You should wear gloves before cleaning.

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