Did you know that fish can also sleep?

Animals, like humans, consume energy during activities and then use sleep to relieve fatigue of the nervous system and limbs. People close their eyes when they sleep, and animals in the animal kingdom show strange sleeping positions. Horses and cows can stand and sleep, animals such as dogs and wolves will put their ears on the ground to maintain a vigilant posture during sleep, many birds can sleep by holding their paws on branches, and so on. But how do fish sleep in the water all day long?

The fish has no eyelids and always swims around with wide eyes, so the sleeping posture is not obvious. In our opinion, they just swim faster sometimes, and sometimes lazily and slowly. In fact, many times a fish sleeps just as a nap, and it wakes up as soon as there is a disturbance.

The environment in which fish choose to sleep is also different. For example, fish such as yellow-spotted sea hogfish and crescent fish often get into the soft sand. Natural enemies are not easy to appear in the sand, so you can rest assured to sleep well. Parrotfish are more enjoyable, this type of fish will make their own “house.” They have a special gelatinous substance in their bodies. When they want to rest, they will create a big bubble. This kind of bubble will harden when it encounters water. The bubble wraps the body and leaves a small hole for breathing. , This way is as safe and comfortable as sleeping in a sleeping bag.

The above species of fish can sleep more peacefully, but some fish are different, they will always stay alert. Take dolphins, for example. Experts analyze the two hemispheres in their brains alternately resting. When encountering external stimuli, dolphins can wake up in time to ensure their own safety to the greatest extent. When some fish are tired, they will go to rest in dark places such as sea rockery or water plants. The relaxed fish swims slowly, but at this time the fish is already asleep.

Many amphibians rest on the shore just like some terrestrial animals, lying down to sleep, such as seals. When seals are in the water, they will stick their noses out of the water, and their bodies will stand vertically in the water, looking like an upright statue, but the seals are sleeping.

Because the ocean or water is a big environment, fish and natural enemies live in it together. Big fish eat small fish, and small fish eat shrimps. If the fish is not careful, it will become a delicious meal for other fish. Be vigilant at all times to prevent the appearance of natural enemies. The various sleeps of fish are also the result of environmental influences.

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