What are the COVID-19 patients experiencing in India? Hypoxia, organ failure, and finally painful death?

The number of newly diagnosed people in India exceeded 300,000 in a single day for 9 consecutive days. Among them, it even exceeded 400,000 on April 26 and April 30. This stunned the world, who had seen the highest of 350,000 in the United States in December last year, and there were many. Experts estimate that this may not be the actual number of confirmed diagnoses in India, because this is the limit of India’s ability to diagnose diagnosis, and what is even more frightening is that the highest number of confirmed diagnoses may not have arrived yet!

What are the COVID-19 patients experiencing in India?

On April 28, 2021, the correspondent of the Times of India Lavinia shared a video on Twitter. Outside a private hospital in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, a man was kneeling and begging the police for mercy. Don’t try to find him. Come and take away the oxygen cylinder for mother!

It is said that the reason why the police took the oxygen cylinder was that the VIP customer needed oxygen, but even if he knelt down and pleaded with no result, the police forcibly removed the oxygen cylinder, and the man’s mother died 2 hours later! The local police responded that the oxygen cylinder they took was empty, but could not explain why the air cylinder was taken away. The deputy police chief of Agra has ordered an investigation!

According to statistics from India’s official medical institutions, among the more than 3.4 million confirmed cases in India, approximately 5-10% of patients with new coronary pneumonia require oxygen, and among the hospitalized patients, there is probably a general need for oxygen. India is ushering in a wave of rockets. The number of confirmed diagnoses has skyrocketed like a takeoff, and the future oxygen supply environment will be even worse!

Why do India’s new crown patients urgently need oxygen?

Judging from the cases disclosed on social media, there are many patients who were not admitted to the hospital even when they died, had difficulty breathing, and finally died of suffocation. What kind of process did their bodies go through?

How terrible is the cytokine storm?

After the new coronavirus infection, the symptoms of most patients are not serious, but some patients will suddenly worsen from the milder disease in the early stage, and finally die of the failure of multiple organs. The root cause of this is the “cytokine storm.”

It first appeared in 1993’s “Graft Versus Host Disease (GvHD)”. It is the behavior of face cells in plants that use host cells as the target to attack their own cells! But later, similar processes were also found in SARS and MERS.

After the new coronavirus infects the lungs, the immune system will react. At this time, the performance is normal, usually similar to cold or pneumonia symptoms, but the new coronavirus cannot be killed by the immune system, but an indiscriminate attack is formed. Immune cells will gather in the lungs in large numbers, forming a larger area of ​​attack!

In this state, the immune system cannot kill the virus, but it will cause normal lung cells to die, thereby destroying the lung’s oxygen exchange capacity, and the patient’s blood oxygen level will drop! The 21% oxygen content in the atmosphere can no longer allow patients with insufficient lung oxygen exchange capacity to get enough oxygen. If you breathe oxygen at this time, you may let the patient survive this most difficult time!

However, the daily number of diagnosed patients with new coronary pneumonia in India has exceeded 400,000, which has long penetrated the bottom line of the Indian medical system (the proportion of hospital beds in India is less than one-third of China), and the oxygen supply is seriously insufficient, so many patients shouldn’t be dying. , They did not die from the virus, but from a severe run on the medical system.

So we can’t imagine the painful experience of watching our loved ones breathe, but to no avail, and eventually die of suffocation! I saw the expressionless mother on social media using a tricycle to take her son’s body home!

There are crematoriums piled up like hills with corpses waiting to be cremated, and there are cremation piles on both sides of the Ganges that are endless all night. The most painful thing is this. But why is India so bad?

How will the Indian epidemic end?

On May 2, the New Zealand High Commission in New Delhi appealed to the Youth League led by the Indian National Congress on social media for help, asking for oxygen. This tweet was deleted shortly afterwards, but the Indian government was pushed to the forefront because The Indian government has also fallen into a new controversy for allegedly “pressing foreign missions.”

The Modi government has made many mistakes in responding to the new crown epidemic since last year. It can be said that the Modi government has committed all the mistakes made by Western countries. It is hard to imagine that this was done by a country!

Passing through the thrills of 2020 gave the Modi government the illusion that herd immunity had been produced in the large-scale infection last year, and in 2020, it was a bit dumbfounded to slander the Indian epidemic and claim that India is the king of all kinds of gods. In the context of the collapse of Western countries one by one, India, which has not strictly enforced quarantine and anti-epidemic measures, is truly out-of-the-ordinary.

In particular, the decline in the number of confirmed diagnoses from the end of 2020 to the beginning of 2021 caused the Modi government to misjudge that the herd immunity strategy has taken effect in order to slow the epidemic. Since then, India has been busy restarting the economy, opening up control of gatherings, and even more for local elections. Election campaigns were held wildly, but I didn’t know that the mutated new crown virus was continuously fermenting in a huge petri dish of 1.3 billion people. Eventually, starting in mid-March, an earth-shattering outbreak began!

March 10: 5456

March 17: 62246

April 3: 156632

April 15: 307867

April 26: 402732

This skyrocketing rate is estimated to make Old Modi’s heart beating, and many experts predict that this is not the highest peak of the outbreak in India. This peak may appear in mid-to-late May, so India’s hard days have not really come, and it penetrates India. The most miserable thing after the medical system is the patients. Many patients will die without any assistance.

India has fallen

The root cause of oxygen shortage: industrial level

Under the background of the surge in the number of confirmed diagnoses, the occurrence of a hypoxia crisis is inevitable. No country can cope with such a crisis, but we must understand that from mid-March to early May, India has a month and a half to deploy. There is a supply of oxygen, but it is clear that India does not!

India’s oxygen production capacity is in the hands of large companies such as Inox. In addition, there are small workshop-style production companies that are unable to cope with the explosive growth of demand. The paper reported that the Modi government issued a statement at a meeting on May 2. According to the directive, 1,500 oxygen plants will be established across the country and the existing nitrogen plants will be transformed into oxygen plants, and 38 plants have been confirmed to be transformed.

During the epidemic in my country last year, its infrastructure and industrial manufacturing capabilities were eye-opening. Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals were built within a dozen days. There was a shortage of masks. BYD, Wuling and other companies came to cross-border production, resulting in excess capacity. Vaccines, while several research projects were put into research, made breakthroughs last year. By this year, vaccine injections will be fully rolled out. This is the strong infrastructure and scientific research capabilities. Without the industrialization foundation behind it, it is obviously impossible to accomplish this.

But what’s more interesting is that there are still prints boasting about India’s universal medical system and India’s democratic system, but the Indian government’s request for Twitter to delete records of negative news about India’s fight against the epidemic has made it quite embarrassing. I also asked India’s ally, the United States, not to broadcast the shocking India epidemic, but White House spokesman Psaki said that it is completely free of speech!

And this is precisely the moment when the Western system performed superiorly. After all, after seeing such a tragic scene in India, the people said that they were fortunate not to be born in India. It seems that Western countries are still much smarter than India. This is a worse moment. There is no worst, only worse!

Global aid to India

On April 22, China stated that it has noticed the recent severe situation of the epidemic in India and the shortage of epidemic prevention materials. China is willing to provide support and assistance according to the needs of India. On the same day, Xiaomi has decided to donate 1,000 oxygen generators to India!

In addition to China, Pakistan will provide India with 50 ambulances and first responders; Britain will deliver medical equipment including ventilators and medical oxygen generators to India; Singapore has delivered 4 large-capacity oxygen tanks to India; Saudi Arabia will About 80 tons of liquid oxygen are airlifted to India; 23 mobile oxygen generators are being airlifted from Germany

The United States also said it would donate 100 million US dollars in materials to aid India, including 1,000 oxygen cylinders, 15 million N95 masks and 1 million rapid diagnostic kits. Indian netizens said that India does not need these empty bottles, nor masks and reagents for diagnosis. Boxes, but oxygen and oxygen concentrators, oxygen is urgently needed for life-saving at this stage.

The United Kingdom has donated 95 oxygen generators and 100 ventilators, while Japan stated that it will work with India to “how to contain the rise of major powers, and is “seriously concerned” about the normal activities of a major country in the relevant waters.” It also emphasized the “Japanese Shinkansen technology”. India’s first high-speed rail construction project is progressing steadily.”

India is just a pawn

Australia announced on April 3 that starting May 3, its citizens are strictly prohibited from returning from India, and offenders will be fined 66,000 Australian dollars (approximately 52,000 US dollars) fines or five years in prison, or both punishments. The White House of the United States announced on April 30 that, starting from May 4, people who have been to India within 14 days will be prohibited from entering the country, except for American citizens and permanent residents and their spouses!

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