Did you know that sleeping naked is easier to keep warm?

In places without heating, many people choose to wear clothes to sleep on cold nights. Some people wear long trousers, some wear wool trousers, and some people who are particularly afraid of the cold do not even take off their coats. The only purpose is to keep warm, because they feel that the more they wear when they sleep, the warmer they will be. But there are other people who undress their babies when they are going to bed, and often teach them not to wear thick clothes to sleep, otherwise they will feel colder after getting up. They think that sleeping naked is better for keeping warm. So, is it warmer the more you wear, or the more warm you sleep naked? There is only one truth, let us reveal the answer together.

Scientific experiments have proved that sleeping naked is indeed better than sleeping in clothes. The quilt itself does not generate heat, but it has the thermal insulation properties of “moist heat” and can absorb heat from the human body. When wearing clothes and sleeping, clothes will absorb the heat of the human body, and the quilt has the barrier of clothes, so the temperature rises more slowly. The thicker you dress, the slower the temperature rise in the bed. When a person sleeps naked, the heat emitted by the human body will be absorbed by the quilt, the temperature in the quilt will rise naturally, and the person will feel warm. However, the speed of the temperature rise is also related to the physical fitness of the human body. Some human bodies are relatively strong and the temperature rises quickly, and some are weak, and the temperature rises slowly.

In addition, the restraint, compression and friction of clothes on the muscles will affect the speed of blood circulation. Blood circulation slows down, body temperature rises slowly, and heat emission naturally decreases. This is why if you wear a lot of clothes in winter, even if you cover it with a thick quilt, you will not feel very warm, or even feel cold. If you want to warm up quickly, it’s easier to sleep naked in a quilt.

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