If the Earth reversed what will happen?

The geography textbook tells us that the earth keeps spinning. The earth revolves around the sun from west to east, which we call “revolution”. The revolution of the earth has brought us the changes in the four seasons of the year, allowing us to see the different scenery of the four seasons, and also making the earth’s ecosystem colorful and giving us a completely different experience.

In addition to revolving around the sun, the earth itself can also rotate. We call it the rotation of the earth. From the sky above the North Pole, the earth is spinning counterclockwise. And the self-transfer of the earth we have day and night. All this makes the earth look colorful.

However, has anyone ever thought about what would happen if the rotation direction of the earth changes?

If the change happens in an instant, then there is no doubt that the earth will suffer a devastating blow. The sea will back up, producing a huge tsunami, and coastal cities will be destroyed in an instant. A strong storm will destroy all buildings and trees on the surface. And at the moment of inversion, the earth’s magnetic field will disappear, and ionizing radiation will directly illuminate the earth’s surface. Countless lives on the earth will disappear in various disasters.

If the earth reversal is a slow process, what will happen?

During the deceleration phase of the earth, since the sea has to maintain its original speed and flow direction, it will cause big waves or tsunamis. But if the deceleration is extremely slow, the waves caused may be small, only slightly larger than usual. At the same time, the deceleration of the earth will cause changes in the earth’s plates. Because the earth itself is an irregular sphere, coupled with its rotation, a bulge will appear on the equator. This bulge will gradually disappear, which will allow the ocean to flow to the poles and may cause the accumulation of continental plates. The earth’s magnetic field will disappear in the process of deceleration, and humans may be directly exposed to ionizing radiation.

When the earth starts to reverse, the water flow on the earth will also reverse, and the direction of the monsoon will also change, bringing sufficient water to most of the deserts, and the deserts on the earth will become full of vitality in the process. Recovered by grassland and forest. Many original deserts have disappeared, but new deserts will also appear. The newly formed desert will be transferred to the southern United States and northern China. The direction of ocean currents will also change. Animals and plants that died during the earth’s reversal will be carried by ocean currents to various places in the world, bringing a lot of nourishment to a new round of biological development. At the same time, the temperature of the ocean will also change. The climate in coastal areas of China will be warmer than it is now, while the west will be colder.

The final result is that the earth will be alive again. However, if the earth does reverse, can human beings survive the disaster caused by the reversal?

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