The main reason to eliminate cockroaches

Reason for eliminating cockroaches

(1) The hazard of cockroaches to humans is second only to houseflies, and sometimes they are even more annoying. It not only spreads diseases, but also causes allergic reactions such as allergic asthma and dermatitis. It crawls everywhere on food, gnaws on clothing, paintings and calligraphy, and appears everywhere.

(2) Cockroaches contain bacteria all over the body. Food contaminated by cockroaches can cause serious gastroenteritis, food poisoning or dysentery. It is a carrier of infectious germs and viruses. Because it feeds and crawls everywhere, it affects a wide range of food and eats food. It can be used in garbage, toilets, washrooms, and food. If the food has been contaminated by cockroaches It is possible to spread diseases, so the hazards of diseases transmitted by cockroaches cannot be ignored.

(3) Cockroaches have been shown to carry about 40-50 kinds of bacteria that are pathogenic to vertebrates, such as Shigella, Escherichia coli, Yersinia pestis, etc., which can cause food poisoning, spread hepatitis, polio, pneumonia, tuberculosis and other diseases bacterial. It is also an intermediate host for a variety of parasites. It can carry roundworms, Ancylostoma duodenum, beef tapeworms, burnworms, whipworms and other worm eggs. It also carries a variety of protozoa, of which there are four types of humans. Or the animal is pathogenic, such as dysentery amoeba.

(4) As cockroaches produce foul-smelling secretions when they eat, which destroy the taste of food, people with weak or sensitive physiques will have various allergies if they come into contact with food contaminated by cockroaches or cockroach feces and secretions and dirty air. reaction.

(5) Cockroaches spread many diseases, moreover, the pervasive infestation of home appliances and equipment causes short-circuit damage to equipment, and can also pierce human ears and cause ear diseases.

Methods to eliminate cockroaches

1. Eliminate cockroaches to cure the root cause

Dirty, chaotic, and poor environment is a good place for cockroaches to inhabit and thrive. Therefore, improving sanitation and improving the environment are fundamental measures. The health status will also directly affect the effectiveness of chemical control. Some people use chlorpyrifos to kill cockroaches. When used in a sanitary room, the insecticidal effect can reach 94%, while spraying in a poor sanitary room has only 75% insecticidal effect.

2. Block holes and wipe gaps to remove cockroaches

Cockroaches like to burrow and hide. Taking advantage of its living habits, putty, cement or silica gel can be used to plug the gaps and holes, so that cockroaches have nowhere to hide. For those with damaged internal wall structures, especially old wooden furniture in the kitchen, if you want to eliminate cockroaches, you must completely repair the house and update the furniture. 

3. Several methods to kill cockroaches

The most commonly used and effective methods are preferably to put in cockroach bait; spray insecticide liquid; apply cockroach chalk, spray powder, spray insecticidal smoke, etc., choose to use according to the actual situation. In addition to chemical drugs, it can also be trapped by sticking cockroach boxes, trapping bottles and other methods.

4. Be in place when spraying cockroach medicine

Cockroaches often get into the cracks and holes, so when spraying, be sure to spray the cracks, holes, corners and spray around them. Cockroaches are reptiles, so you don’t need a mask to spray on all four walls. 

5. How to put in cockroach bait

Poison bait is a simple and easy method commonly used to kill cockroaches, but it must be “small amount, more spots, and wide”, so that cockroaches can crawl out of the habitat to eat the bait, and the killing effect is significant. In order to prevent the poison bait from becoming damp, place the poison bait particles in the corner of the bottle cap. 

6, insist on killing cockroaches before and after moving

Be sure to remove cockroaches and egg sheaths hidden in old furniture (especially wooden furniture), clothes, books, paper boxes, and wooden boxes before moving. Sprinkle cockroach powder on new houses to prevent the emergence of cockroaches.

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