Analysis of the reasons why dogs like to chew their feet

The reason why dogs like to chew their feet

1. lonely and boring

If the dog is alone at home and has no toys of interest, not only may he wreak havoc on the home, but he may also chew his feet because of loneliness and boredom.

When the dog chews on the feet too much, it may cause the dog’s feet to bleed. Please take care of the dog at home and don’t let it be too lonely and boring!

2. Toe mold

Humid climate makes fury children prone to mold, and dogs are prone to step on dirty water when they go out for a walk.

To help dogs clean their fingers, it is recommended to use pet wet paper towels, or use a gentle and natural dog hair wash to wash the dogs. However, it is necessary to blow dry the dog after the bath, so as to prevent the dog’s wet furry feet from being invaded by mold because of the dampness.

3. Long parasites

Because the dog’s feet are in contact with the ground for a long time, they are particularly susceptible to parasites.

When the dog bites the fur feet too many times, don’t be careless! It is possible that the dog has been entangled by the host insect! Take the dog to the veterinary doctor for examination!

When to keep a dog

Newborn puppies often need care and care 24 hours a day. Therefore, in some special circumstances, it is not suitable to raise a puppy, because it may affect you, and even affect the sleep and worry of the whole family. Therefore, before welcoming the arrival of new life, there are certain things you must know in advance in order to be mentally prepared.

The time when it is not suitable to keep a dog includes:

1. Just moved to a new environment.

2. When the school starts.

3. Just changed to a new job.

4. There is a newborn baby in the family.

The main reason is that if the schedule is not sufficient, it is easy to neglect to take care of the newborn dog, causing poor adaptation. In addition, you should also pay special attention not to arbitrarily treat your puppy as a gift to your relatives and friends, unless you and your relatives have fully considered the various problems (such as money, time and emotions) that will face raising a puppy beforehand. Therefore, no matter what your original intentions are, it is a rather unwise decision to make a pet as a gift when your relatives and friends do not have the mentality to do so.

In summary, fully communicating with all members of the family, asking relatives and friends who have experience in raising dogs and the flowers they need, can make Bai Ji more certain whether it is suitable for raising dogs at this time.

The advantages and disadvantages of purebred dogs and mixed dogs

Many people have a question in their minds when deciding to raise a dog: Is it better to raise a purebred dog or a mixed breed? In fact, whether raising a purebred dog or a mixed breed dog has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and cons of purebred dogs

Advantages: Predictable body shape in adulthood. Because it is a purebred dog, you can know its future body shape, color, hair length, and even personality when it is very young.

Disadvantages: Some purebred dogs have diseases that are easy to develop. You can learn about the more common diseases of purebred dogs you want to raise based on statistical surveys. For example, hydrocephalus is common in small dogs Chihuahuas, and hip joint diseases are common in large dogs golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers.

Pros and cons of mixed breed dogs

Advantages: Some diseases that are unique to purebred dogs can also be found in some mixed breeds, but the probability of occurrence is relatively low.

Disadvantages: It is impossible to predict the appearance of the puppy in adulthood, because it is usually difficult to see the puppy’s mother and father. Therefore, the future appearance, hair, and even personality of the puppy are more difficult to understand, and it is easier for the owner to regret raising.

Channels to get dogs

If you want to keep a dog, besides buying it at a pet store, there are actually other channels to choose from.

Animal shelter

Animal shelters or humanitarian organizations are intermediate institutions that shelter abandoned or stray animals, and their main purpose is to help these dogs find families that can be taken care of again. In government-sponsored animal shelters, because of the limited shelter space, dogs in shelter are often euthanized after a period of time.

In fact, there are many healthy, even purebred dogs in the shelter. So, if you want to keep a dog, you might consider adopting a dog from an animal shelter. As long as you have gone through a comprehensive health check, you can also find a suitable dog in the shelter, especially when they are about to face the predicament of euthanasia. The meaning of extending a helping hand in a timely manner is beyond words.

In a private breeding house, you can find that someone is selling a puppy through a variety of methods, such as the Internet and advertising leaflets, but you should be especially careful when buying, because usually this type of transaction is relatively risky. If you really like the dog you see, it is recommended not to decide whether to buy it just by seeing the newborn puppies. You should find a way to look at the looks, body shape and personality of the puppies’ mother and father. Because it is difficult to understand the future body shape, appearance and personality of a newborn puppy, this is also the cause of many disputes.

In addition, you should ask the owner whether the puppy has been examined by a veterinarian and the information of the clinician. If the dog is particularly thin and has poor appearance, you should ask about its living and eating conditions, and be careful when taking care of it.

Pet shop

The sources of dogs in pet shops may be obtained from private or professional breeding farms. Because of this, it is usually impossible to understand the appearance, body shape and personality of the dog’s father and mother. Buy it without knowing its previous health status. The appearance of a puppy when it grows up may be quite different from what you expect.

Things to know before raising a dog

Now more and more pet shops are willing to provide a period of time for consumers to inspect, that is to say, within a certain period of time, if the dog’s body is abnormal, it can be returned to the pet shop or selected other dogs.

Reputable breeding farm

Generally speaking, breeding grounds can provide higher quality dogs, both in terms of dog health and breed stability. If you buy a puppy on a breeding ground, you can usually see the dog’s father and mother, and reputable breeders will usually guarantee the dog’s health.

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