Reasons why dogs keep grinding teeth

The main reason for dog teeth grinding

1. During puppies teething

Dogs are born without teeth. Three months after birth, during the period of teething, the mouth will have discomforts such as itching and changing teeth. At this time, the dog will look for something to grind teeth in order to relieve this discomfort.

2. There are parasites in the body

Dogs often play outside and are susceptible to parasites. Once a dog is infected, the toxins secreted by some parasites will affect the dog’s nerve center and cause the dog to grind teeth.

3. Poor gastrointestinal digestion

Sometimes feeding the dog before going to bed will cause the dog to accumulate food, and the dog’s poor digestion will naturally cause the phenomenon of teeth grinding. The shit scavenger must reasonably arrange the dog’s feeding time and appetite to protect the dog’s gastrointestinal digestion ability.

4. The dog is tantrum

Sometimes when a dog is angry, it will bark and bite. And the dog may be angry because he didn’t go for a fixed walk, or his other needs were not met. At this time, it is necessary to rely on the observation of the owners to improve the dog’s living habits.

What to do with dog grinding teeth

1. First of all, improve the dog’s diet and analyze whether the food previously fed to him is too hard or not digestible. This can be used to observe the dog’s poop. If the poop is dry and hard, it is considered poor digestion. If you have the above situation, choose softer and looser foods again. High-fiber foods can be added to the food. If it is a puppy, it is recommended not to feed too much meat food too early.

2. Secondly, improve the dog’s eating time, try to stop feeding or feed less before going to bed, because if the dog’s digestion is not good, the accumulated food will peristalize in the stomach repeatedly, stimulate the dog’s gastrointestinal nerve, and then stimulate the central nervous system , Causing teeth grinding.

3. In addition, you usually love your dog, try to scare him as little as possible, stimulate him less, and take more exercises with the dog to increase your strength and improve your physique. Don’t leave it in the cold.

4. Finally, take the dog to the hospital for an examination to see if there are parasites in the dog’s stomach.

How to choose a dog’s molar rod

Material classification:

1. Bone shape cleaning rope

Comment: It is made of colored cotton rope in a bone-like shape. The rope bones are strong and not easy to be bitten or disassembled by dogs. The cotton rope is harmless and non-toxic. Dogs biting and playing can not only relieve boredom, but also clean their teeth. Even if they eat some cotton rope, they will not have a bad effect on the body.

2. Loofah bone toys

Comment: Nowadays, dog toys made of loofah are very popular. This model is made into a bone shape, which is very popular with pets. The pure natural loofah is non-toxic and harmless. It can help dogs clean their teeth, and they can also let the dogs at home have toys to play with. It will not be bored and prevent it from suffering from depression.

Three, plush bone toys

Comment: Plush toys are also a type of toy that dogs like very much. The bone-shaped plush toy has a built-in sound generator. The dog will make a sound after a bite, which greatly stimulates the dog’s curiosity. It is endlessly fun and can even have fun alone in the corner.

Four, rubber bone toys

Comment: Made of natural rubber, the biggest advantage is good flexibility and bite resistance. No matter how powerful the dog’s teeth are, it can last a long time. And the small round nail design on the bone can massage the dog’s mouth, and more importantly, clean the teeth, so that the dog’s teeth are cleaner.

Function classification:

The first category: mainly based on molar teeth cleaning, supplemented by the effect of snacks. Because there is no meat, clean teeth, femoral molars, bones, chews, and healthy teeth.

Product features: Reinforce strong teeth and clean the tone. This type of molar stick is suitable for teething and cleaning snacks eaten by dogs every day. It is simple and convenient. It not only allows dogs to enjoy the joy of food, but also easily solves the problem of oral cleaning. Let your dog have stronger, healthier teeth and fresher breath.

The second category: It can be eaten as a snack and can be used to clean teeth. Snacks are the main food, and the second major bone roll is used for teeth cleaning.

Product features: delicious training rewards, appetite regulating foods, nutritional supplements, tooth-building diet foods, and portable snacks that make my heart beat the most. Dogs are a member of our family and always put their health first. This kind of snacks with bones is both hard and a dog loves to eat. It will find a way to gnaw off the meat on it and crush the bones. Therefore, it has the effect of cleaning teeth while eating, which is much easier than brushing the dog’s teeth.

The third category: toy-type teeth cleaning and molars. Such as dog bites rope plastic toys and so on.

Product features: It is made of natural plant fiber as the main raw material. Make your pet dog clean his teeth while playing. Its cute shape increases the curiosity and interest of the dog. Plastic toys are not as good as rope, but the rope should be hygienic.

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