Scientific analysis of the smelly mouth of a dog

The reason why the dog’s mouth is smelly

1. Dogs are omnivorous animals, and they mainly focus on meat. After eating, food residues are left between the teeth and the mouth will emit a bad smell. If there is unbearable bad breath, the dog may suffer from oral inflammation, gingivitis, periodontitis or gastrointestinal diseases.

2. Because dogs are omnivorous animals, and they mainly focus on meat, after eating, food residues are left between the teeth and the mouth will emit a bad smell. But generally speaking, if the dog is healthy and has a little breath, he can control his bad breath by brushing his teeth or adjusting food.

3. If there is unbearable bad breath, the dog may suffer from oral inflammation, gingivitis, periodontitis or gastrointestinal diseases. This must go to the hospital for treatment. Studies have found that bad breath in dogs can cause problems with other body organs and stimulate the growth of tumors. Bad breath can lead to the death of the tissues in the tooth pulp, causing the roots to loosen and fall off.

4. In addition to the problems of the teeth itself, older dogs often suffer from oral tumors, the oral tissues of the dogs are killed by electric shocks due to the biting of electrical wires, diseases of the throat, nose, mouth, esophagus, etc., and disorders of the liver and pancreas. , Will cause bad breath.

How to deal with the smelly mouth of a dog

Change dog food

Dogs have a breath. In many cases, it is because of dog food formula problems. Try to give them light dog food, which can be natural food if possible.

Deodorant snacks

On the basis of feeding dog food, you can feed the dog some deodorant snacks, and the breath will be eliminated slowly.

Check double row teeth

It is not uncommon for pet dogs to have double teeth. If the dog’s baby teeth have not fallen out in adulthood, the middle of the two rows of teeth will easily get dirty and cause bad breath.

Feed less meat

Dogs love to eat meat, but dogs who eat too much meat are prone to bad breath. Therefore, it is recommended to feed the dog less meat, and try to feed beef and less pork.

Regulate the stomach

Bad breath occurs when humans have a bad stomach, and this also applies to dogs. If the dog has a bad appetite and has never had a bad breath, then you can feed some health care products that regulate the stomach.

Brush your teeth regularly

Dogs over one and a half years old should brush their teeth regularly, otherwise they will slowly develop bad breath. Dogs who do not brush their teeth will deteriorate faster in old age, which will affect their lifespan.

Methods to eliminate pet body odor

1. Know the condition of your dog’s skin

1. Dogs have no sweat glands

Because dogs do not have sweat glands, they must rely on their hair and skin to resist bacteria and other germs. Their skin periodically secretes a substance to form a protective film.

2. The acidity of the skin

Human skin is weakly acidic, while dogs are weakly alkaline. Therefore, human cleaning products should not be used when bathing dogs. Instead, pet-specific shower gels should be selected to avoid causing dog skin diseases.

3. Adjust the dog’s diet

If the body odor is caused by physiological conditions, it can be adjusted from the diet, such as replacing the food with chicken or beef that is easy to digest and absorb. If you continue to have problems with body odor and hair loss, you should go to the hospital for examination.

2. The murderer who caused the dog’s body odor

1. Normal metabolism

Dogs do not have sweat glands, but the smell of dogs is not a problem caused by sweat accumulation. Dogs will only secrete a little oil under normal metabolism, which will not cause unacceptable taste.

2. The culprit causing body odor

The main culprit that causes serious body odor in dogs is the body fluids or dirt produced after the body’s metabolism. Since it does not produce too much, it is not easy for the owner to find it and cause negligence in cleaning.

3. How often do dogs take a bath

Excessive bathing will destroy the protective film on the skin. The correct bathing frequency should be once a week in summer and once every two or three weeks in winter. For old or small dogs, you can choose to use a moist towel instead of bathing.

3. Know the anal glands of dogs

1. Other smells of dogs

The anal gland is the biggest odor in a dog’s body. Anal gland fluid will be discharged with the dog’s defecation, but a small part of it will accumulate in the glandular sac. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will emit a strong stench.

2. Remind the owner to clean up

If the owner sees that the dog’s buttocks have been rubbing the floor and will keep chasing the tail in circles, or if he is sensitive to the buttocks, then the dog is reminding the owner to clean the anal glands.

3. When cleaning the anal glands

If the owner is cleaning the anal glands, he should take measures to protect himself, because if it is stained with anal gland fluid, it will take a long time to wash to remove the odor. You should wear gloves before cleaning.

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