Why is the kingfisher’s home on the stone wall?

The reason why the kingfisher’s home is on the stone wall

You know that kingfishers eat fish, and the feces pulled by fish-eating birds are white. If kingfishers build nests on a tree, there must be white flowers under the tree. Natural enemies can easily put them in one pot accordingly. Baihuahua’s feces are in the dirt cave, so it doesn’t matter. You would say that egrets also eat fish, why do they build nests in trees? Actually, I guess that the egrets also wanted to make their nests in earthen caves, but their size is too big to find such a big cave. .

The kingfisher’s nest is always located on the cliff facing the water. Predators who don’t like water cannot catch the little kingfisher in this position, and it is difficult to find this position on the shore. If I were a kingfisher, I would also put the nest Do it there because that is the best choice. Oh, I almost forgot, the kingfisher’s feet are very weak, almost incapable of grasping, and can’t rely on the claws to grab the nest material to build the nest, and can only use the cave that does not need the nest material.

Morphological characteristics of kingfisher

The characteristics of birds of this genus are thick and straight mouth, long and firm, rounded mouth; no nose grooves; long wing tips, the first piece of primary flight feathers are slightly shorter, the third and fourth pieces are the longest; the tail is short and round; The body feathers are gorgeous and brilliant, often blue or green. The head is big and the neck is short, the wings are short and round, and the tail is mostly short; the mouth shape is long and pointed, the mouth is round and blunt, the feet are very short, and the toes are thin. The fourth toe and the third toe are mostly parallel, and the second toe is only The bases are connected. Tail fat gland is (Ran Yu). There are black coracoids on both sides, there are 4 notches on the posterior edge of the sternum, and the sternal stem is simply formed by the outer spines.

On behalf of the special “common kingfisher”, the upper body is metallic light blue-green, the body feathers are bright and radiant, and the top of the head is covered with dark blue-green and bright emerald blue spots. The eyes and the back of the ears are white on the side of the neck, the back of the body is gray and emerald blue, the shoulders and wings are dark green and blue, and there are emerald blue spots on the wings. The throat is white, and the chest is bright chestnut brown. The side of the neck has white spots; the lower body is orange-brown and the chin is white. Orange bands traverse the eyes and ear feathers, which distinguish this species from the blue-eared kingfisher and the barbed kingfisher. The male has a black upper beak and a red lower beak. Iris-brown; mouth-black (male), jaw orange (female); feet-red.

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