The reason why dogs always hold shoes

The reason why dogs always hold shoes

1. The dog is curious:

As an adult pet dog, it is generally understood that things that smell very stimulating do not have to be eaten, so they may rub your shoes and play with your shoes. However, young dogs don’t know that when they are puppies, they are full of curiosity about things around them, and they play with objects as playmates, so the puppies will bite your shoes like eating.

2. The dog likes the owner’s taste:

The shoes worn by the owner have an obvious owner smell, which is familiar and familiar to the dog. Therefore, as long as it is your shoes, they will smell, play, or bite. And research shows that 500,000 sweat glands on human feet can release sweat full of the smell of the owner every day. This smell is very attractive to dogs, so they will like the owner’s shoes.

3. Possessiveness:

Some parents may find out why dogs always like to bite their own shoes, while other members of the family are not interested in the shoes? This is because dogs like each other and get close to that person, so they like to take her things as Own, so dogs often bite their shoes, and even like to hide shoes in their own den or other corners of the room.

4. Dogs like shoes made of certain materials:

Some shoes are like leather shoes. The taste and soft taste of this kind of leather sometimes have a great attraction to certain dogs, so dogs will explore and bite and act like shoes.

5. Dogs are changing teeth and growing teeth

Dogs like slippers and chew on shoes. Another reason is that they are teething and changing teeth, especially when puppies are born 3 to 6 months after their baby teeth are transformed into permanent teeth. Things, itchy gums and a physiological desire will be relieved by biting things, which is why slippers can’t escape the dog’s teeth.

6. The dog needs someone to accompany and wants to draw your attention

Many parents think that holding shoes, going to bed, going to the sofa, or biting the sofa is a change of teeth, but after finally waiting for the dog to change teeth, why do they still like to hold shoes and bite shoes? If they always like to bite, it means that they are alone at home. And the more you don’t let it do anything, the more it does. Every time you grab a shoe, the more you chase it, the more excited it is and the faster it runs. It runs in circles around the room. You don’t chase it anymore. Just walk with you in your shoes or put your shoes down. This is because it wants to attract your attention, even if it comes in exchange for a big beating, just like a child, parents with children must have the experience. Sometimes children make mistakes deliberately to get your attention. In the final analysis, the reason is Because we have too little time to play with him.

7. Dogs lack trace elements

Careful parents may find that the dog in the family not only likes to gnaw shoes, but also eats shoe materials, some shoe decorations, and even insoles, shoe heel posts, shoe half pads and other items when they bite shoes. Go in. Sometimes you have to forcibly open their mouths and take these things out, but sometimes we don’t notice. Letting dogs swallow these things is not only unhygienic and easy to get parasitic diseases, but also may cause constipation. , Gastroenteritis, intestinal obstruction and other dangers. In fact, the main reason for this is that dogs who have a pica will eat non-nutritious things indiscriminately. Parents can buy some instant calcium vitamins for dogs to eat. When dogs have enough trace elements, if you put those insoles and the like for them, they will not be interested.

What to do if the dog bites the shoes?

Many dads and moms find that their shoes have been bitten by dogs, they can’t help but get angry and scold them or spank them. In fact, these have no effect, and the owner scolds the dog regardless of the reason. Not only will the dog not understand, it will hurt their feelings. It is recommended that owners can take the following measures:

1. After entering the house, restrict it to play in the kennel and playground, and do not let it enter the bedroom at will.

2. Choose toys to play with, such as cowhide fake bones, hard balls, dog chews, dog bite ropes, special dog toy slippers, or things that are no longer used (dolls, soft toys, toothbrushes, etc.).

3. Increase the walking time and exercise volume outside. When there is no time to go for a walk, give it some toys to amuse it, play with it more, or raise a dog for its company, lest the dog is lonely Biting shoes.

4. For a dog who likes the owner’s smell and shoes, you can give him some old slippers, old socks, and even some old pajamas for him to play with.

5. During this biting time, put your shoes and movable objects up high or store them away. A puppy who has no bite addiction at all has either a physical illness or a bad temperament. As long as he is good at discovering the cause and stopping the dog’s biting behavior, he can still teach it well, and at the same time shift his energetic energy to training.

Features of dog nose and sense of smell

1. All dogs have the instinct to recognize people, things, dogs, etc. by smell.

2. The sense of smell of dogs is more than 1 million times more sensitive than humans.

3. Dogs have a larger olfactory area (olfactory area) in the brain 40 times more brain cells related to smell than humans.

4. The nose of the dog is kept moist by special secretory cells, and the smell is seen as particles, which will dissolve into the nose of the fluid and then bring it to the sensory cells.

5. Dogs generally breathe through the nose, and only breathe through the mouth in hot weather or after exercise.

6. For short-nosed dogs, the soft palate of the mouth is squeezed backwards, close to the head of the larynx, so that mouth breathing is not smooth.

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