Have you seen Kim’s tongue?

Recently, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced a new archaeological discovery: Among the 16 tombs found in the Taposiris Magna Temple in Egypt, 2 mummies have golden tongues.

At that time, the golden tongue may be placed to allow the dead to have a smooth dialogue with the god of the underworld.

However, there are no clear answers to these questions as to why gold must be used and whether the deceased had language barriers during his lifetime. Similar golden tongues have also been discovered before.

Archaeologists are still not sure when the owners of these tombs died. They may have lived during the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt from 304 BC to 30 BC.

In addition to golden tongues, other gold artifacts were found in these tombs, such as gold flakes on mummified masks.

Archaeologists will continue to explore this area, they hope to find the tomb of “Cleopatra VII” Cleopatra.

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