Those farts left in the body went there

Farting is a normal physiological phenomenon. It’s just that you need to distinguish between occasions. In some important occasions, you can’t fart. After all, you don’t know if your fart still sounds loud.

Every one of us is familiar with holding farts, but do you know where your farts end up?

The production of farts

If you want to know where the fart is going, you must first know how the fart comes.

There are two ways to produce farts. One is that you inadvertently swallow some air every day. After passing through the digestive tract, this air will eventually be expelled from the end of the intestine, and this forms a fart. Because the air has stayed in the intestinal tract, it is mixed with odorous gases such as skatole, hydrogen sulfide, and indole from the feces, so that it will have some smell. But farts formed by swallowing air unconsciously are generally not smelly, but they are characterized by very loud sounds.

Another type of fart is the gas formed during the fermentation of food in the intestines. If the food you eat is mainly a variety of foods rich in starch, cellulose and pectin, then you fart a lot, but not smelly. The reason is that cellulose and pectin can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, which will increase gas invisibly. During the decomposition process of starch, more gases such as carbon dioxide and methane will also be generated. They have no taste, but they will make you The gas in the intestines increases, so that the number of farts increases.

Of course, if you eat food with a pungent smell such as leeks, your fart may also have an unpleasant smell.

If the food you eat is mainly a variety of meats, the fart you produce may not be very loud, but it tastes very smelly. This is because meat foods are rich in protein, and protein is easily broken down into irritating substances during the decomposition process. This can be seen from our pickled kimchi. Under normal circumstances, pickled vegetable kimchi will emit more bubbles; while pickled meat foods will form odorous foods, such as: stinky cheese, stinky mandarin fish Fish, smelly fish, etc.

Where did the fart go?

Although we can hold the farts back into the body through the power of the sphincter muscles, our farts will not disappear out of thin air, but after they are blocked at the buttocks, they have to be absorbed by the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. At this time, the pressure in the intestinal The feeling has disappeared.

After entering the blood, the farts will participate in the systemic circulation with the blood, which means that these farts may travel here on you until they enter the liver, where they will be filtered by the liver and then reach the lungs. .

We know that the role of the lungs is to exchange air inside and outside the body. When the farts reach the lungs, you also know where they will eventually pass through to be discharged from the body.

Hearing this, do you feel that you will smell when you hiccup?

Does holding fart affect the human body?

In fact, most people don’t hold their farts often, but if one day eats too much sweet potatoes, and at the same time encounters a more serious occasion, they have to hold their farts frequently, will it affect the human body?

From our own point of view, holding farts has no effect. After a small amount of air enters the blood vessels, a part of the air will be combined with hemoglobin in the plasma, and then the body will disperse these gases into the interstitial spaces, and then pass the lungs out of the body.

Of course, if a lot of air enters the blood, we will also feel dizzy, breathing difficulties, sudden chest pain, etc., and even cause death.

But the premise is that an adult weighing 60 kilograms needs at least 120 milliliters of air to be injected into the blood to be life-threatening, and the amount of fart discharged by normal people per hour is 20-60 milliliters, which is far below the lethal amount.

So your usual fart holding has almost no effect on your body. The only effect may be that you will “spit out fragrant mouth” when you speak!

to sum up

Although holding the fart is not harmful to the body, for the sake of physical experience, it is better to “release the fart”, after all, it must be released from a mouth.

But if you fart too diligently, in addition to checking whether your diet contains sweet potatoes and other foods rich in starch, cellulose and pectin, it is best to go to the hospital for gastrointestinal problems. Of course, bad breath can also go to the relevant department to see if it is related to more gas in the stomach.

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