Can boiled eggs really return to life and hatch into chicks?

Boiled eggs return to hatching chicks

Recently, a paper on which boiled eggs can regenerate and incubate chickens has become popular. This is tantamount to unreasonable. Many people may think that such papers can be published as academics and are less harmful and insulting. However, in my opinion, as a principal, boiled eggs can be reborn through the so-called “super mental consciousness energy method”. It is difficult to say what kind of knowledge and logic will be instilled into students in the teaching process. Because the operators of the experiments in the content are also “special students”, they rely on their own ideas and energy to spread, turning the cooked eggs into raw eggs.

The principal also has some similar works, such as: cooked bean sprouts can regenerate and sprout again, and objects can go through the wall by themselves. Although this paper that violates basic scientific common sense has caused an uproar on the Internet, the principal’s response still stated that this is the special ability of the students she cultivated. As for how to achieve it, it is impossible to express clearly in words, and, at present More than one hundred cooked eggs have been successfully tested.

Just the day before, the second author of the paper stated that if it were not for the Internet, he did not know that he was listed as the author of the paper, and said that in the whole process, the part that he participated in was only the incubation of eggs, as for the end of the egg. I don’t know if the eggs have been cooked. I will cooperate with the investigation next, and I regret participating in it at that time.

According to common sense, this kind of “research results” that violate basic biological common sense shouldn’t appear in serious academic journals at all, and the publisher of the paper only has the sentence “don’t know the principle, only know the phenomenon”. Convinced, why scientific research is discredited by such a wonderful paper, its existence is a kind of injury, not just as simple as insulting everyone’s IQ!

Humans have been raising chickens for more than four thousand years, and the first country to domesticate chickens is China!

One of the most common types of poultry in everyone’s daily life is the chicken. Even if you live in the city, even if you don’t see chickens jumping on the ground, you have bought a lot of chickens that have been slaughtered and plucked. It has reproduced on the earth for millions of years, and there are still some controversies due to the incomplete fossils, but the history of human domestication of chickens can be traced back at least 4000 years ago.

A hen can lay eggs without mating, so can all the eggs hatch into chicks?

Yes, a hen does not need to mate with a rooster at all when laying eggs. It’s just that, an unfertilized egg will naturally not be able to hatch a chick. Therefore, some eggs can only be eaten, and some eggs can continue to multiply. Offspring, the type of reproduction of chickens is not asexual reproduction.

I believe that when you are very young, you know that chickens are oviparous animals, and fertilized eggs will gradually develop into new individuals after being excreted from the body. At this time, the phenomenon of shell breaking occurs, and the reproduction of general birds and amphibians The method is the same, but the eggs that are excreted from the body will be processed in different ways by the females because of the different species.

Speaking of this, many people may not know how to see if an egg is a fertilized egg. In fact, the easiest way is to put the egg in front of a light bulb with strong enough light. If you don’t know how to align it better, you can try Rotate the egg slowly. If you see a dark dot-like shadow on the egg, it means that it is a fertilized egg that can hatch a chick. Otherwise, it is an edible egg. Of course, there is one of the simplest and most rude methods, which is to break the egg directly, there are obvious small black spots and red blood streaks on the yolk of the fertilized egg.

In addition, there are also differences in the internal structure of fertilized eggs and infertilized eggs. Don’t look at a small egg, but the inside of the fertilized egg is not so simple. In addition to the outer shell, the chicken is being All the things needed before hatching are completed by the internal placental structure of the egg, and the unfertilized egg only has the ovule.

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