Is obesity contagious?

Because many people are eating high-calorie foods while getting rid of heavy physical labor, become more resident or like to watch TV on the sofa at home, making obesity spread like an infectious disease.

After some people became obese, they even lost their friends. The reason is that some people are afraid of being infected by them and make themselves fatter. Is this kind of obesity really contagious? After reading the answers below, we will understand.

After years of follow-up investigations by Harvard University, it has been found that obesity can spread to each other in social circles. A fat guy will have several fat guys as friends, or the thinner friends around the fat guy will gradually get fatter. This is because the friends around Fatty accept his obesity and are not very disgusted with obesity, so he basically does not control his weight.

If you have one or a few fatter friends, you will eat and drink with the fat friends during the party, and your appetite will gradually become better and better. Then congratulations, your probability of gaining weight has increased by 57 %.

If one of a person’s parents or siblings is obese, then the probability of that person gaining weight is 40%. In the same way, since fat people appear in family or genetics, people will subconsciously excuse themselves, and then do not control their weight, causing themselves to get fatter.

Furthermore, if your spouse is obese, congratulations, the probability of you becoming obese is 37%. Living in the same environment, the eating habits of one party affect the other. Fat people are generally “carnivores.” If they spend a long time with them, they will naturally be affected and become fond of meat, which makes it easy to gain weight together.

The most affected are the intimate partners, whose speech and behavior can have a great impact on themselves. People are very easy to accept the opinions or opinions of close partners. If your friends’ opinions are to enjoy timely or live up to the food, then you will also become aware of these ideas, become like gourmet desserts, etc., and will not deliberately control yourself. Appetite, so the probability of getting fat will be higher, and the probability of becoming fat has tripled, scientifically proven to be 171%. Obesity infection is most obvious among the same sex. If a person’s weight gains, then the probability of his close friend gaining weight is 71%.

All kinds of obesity infections occur among people who are relatively close. Even if relatives and friends live far away, but they have more connections, they will also affect each other’s weight. If you do not communicate with your neighbors, and your neighbors are obese people, you don’t have to worry about being affected in any way. This may also be the reason for the behavioral convergence between close people or friends.

At the same time, the same influence is also reflected in weight loss. If an obese friend of yours is losing weight, you will also be affected. His behavior will affect you, making you pay more attention to diet and exercise moderately.

Therefore, the above research proves that obesity can be contagious, and it really does exist. If you have fat friends among your friends, but you are reluctant to be friendly, then you might as well try to lose weight. Your weight loss behavior has affected this friend’s diet and living habits. Even if he can’t lose weight, he can at least guarantee that his habits will not be affected by him.

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