Why are men not as plump as women?

Compared with adolescent females, males are taller, stronger, muscular, and stronger, while females of the same age are more rounded and plump, with beautiful and smooth lines, full of feminine charm. Is there any significance behind this obvious distinction?

In fact, this difference in body shape is also determined by the nature of men and women. In ancient times, men generally acted as hunters. Going out hunting and running back and forth required a lot of physical strength. Although men eat much more food than women, they will be transformed into muscles to strengthen themselves. Strong muscles allow men to run faster and move more agile when hunting.

If a man’s own energy is converted into fat, then for a man, he will not only be inconvenient, but will also weaken a lot because of lack of developed muscles, which is not suitable for the living environment at that time. With well-developed muscles, while getting more food, it can also adapt to war and a lot of physical labor. Therefore, for men, the excess energy of the body’s subconscious will be transformed into their own muscles. In addition, having a strong and tall body can also win the favor of women and gain more opportunities for genetic inheritance.

For women, there is basically no difference in the posture between girls and boys in childhood. After puberty begins to develop, the difference between girls and boys gradually becomes apparent. Most girls will convert the remaining calories into fat and store it in the body to prepare for future sexual maturity and birth of offspring. This type of fat storage behavior in women is the main sign of sexual maturity. One third of the female body is fat. In ancient times, due to lack of food, women needed to consume a lot of nutrients during pregnancy and childbirth, so the stored fat became their backup energy.

Although fat is hated by everyone, it is unhealthy to have no fat, so we have to supplement nutrition every day to maintain our body’s needs. Of course, there are genetic factors. Many women will be very thin for a lifetime, so they don’t have to worry about having too much fat. When we talk about women being plumper than men, it generally refers to puberty. After puberty, when people reach middle age, the body’s metabolism is not as fast as when they were young. Whether men or women, if they do not control their diet and develop good habits, they will easily gain weight.

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