Why do I go astray when I close my eyes?

In terms of sense of direction, the difference in sense of direction between different people is relatively large. Even if some people come to an unfamiliar place, they only need to look at the position of the sun to get a clear direction. This type of person has a strong sense of direction, is generally not easy to get lost, has a clearer mind, and is easy to remember surrounding reference objects and routes. There are still some people who don’t have a good sense of direction. When they arrive at a new place, they clearly see the sun hanging in the eastern sky, but they can’t adjust their inner direction.

So if these two kinds of people close their eyes, should the person with a good sense of direction make a more accurate judgment than the person with a bad sense of direction? Can someone with a good sense of direction walk in a straight line with their eyes closed? Let’s see if the result is what you think.

Someone once did such an experiment. The result is that people with good or bad sense of direction can’t complete a straight line blindfolded, even if it’s a short 100 meters, even if they are in the place they are most familiar with. Many people It’s all arcing. Why is this?

Some people explain from the physical aspect that because the earth rotates from west to east, it will produce geostrophic deflection force. When people usually walk, their eyes will help adjust the direction of the target, so they can accurately walk to their target or walk in a straight line. When the eyes are closed, people make adjustments in time without the reference object, so they cannot walk out of a straight line accurately. There are also physical factors that affect people’s straight walking. People’s center of gravity is on the left side of the body. Most people’s habit is that their left foot is a weight-bearing foot. When a person steps forward, the length of the step will be different, so when the person is closed, the person will unconsciously make a large arc to the left. Furthermore, the left and right muscles of each person’s body are not exactly equal. Some people have strong left leg muscles, and some have strong right leg muscles. All these are the reasons for the deviation of walking with closed eyes.

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