The two parts of the dog cannot be hit.

In the past, people kept dogs mainly for hunting, nursing homes, and managing livestock. Nowadays, the main purpose of dogs is pets to please their owners. Although the use of dogs has undergone earth-shaking changes, several “dead spots” on dogs have not changed. Even if the owner wants to teach dogs, don’t hit them lightly.

Vulnerable parts of the dog

For dogs, violent hits on the nose and abdomen can be fatal. First of all, because the nose is very important to them, it is their means of understanding the world.

We know that humans explore the world mainly by relying on the visual system. There are three types of cone cells in human eyes: red, green, and blue. These three cone cells will form different colors according to different modes. By calculation, a normal person can distinguish 1 million different colors.

But the dog’s visual system is not well-developed. Studies have shown that compared to humans’ tricolor cones, dogs have only two types of cone cells: yellow and blue, both of which suffer from “red-green blindness”, that is, Said they can’t distinguish between red and green.

Because dogs can distinguish colors are limited, so when they explore the world, relying only on the visual system will cause inconvenience to them.

As the saying goes, “God closed a door for you, and he will definitely open a window for you.” Although dogs have a less developed visual system than humans, their olfactory system is much stronger than that of humans.

Human noses can distinguish tens of thousands of odors, but compared with dogs, human noses are still weak. Dogs can easily distinguish more than 2 million different odors, and the sensitivity is even more than 10 million of humans. Times.

The reason why the sense of smell of humans is so different from that of dogs is that the “receptors” of the sense of smell of humans and dogs are different, that is, the olfactory epithelium is different.

The total area of ​​human olfactory epithelium is about 10 square centimeters, while the area of ​​dog’s olfactory epithelium is about 170 square centimeters. The cell density is 100 times higher than that of humans. Because of this, the dog’s olfactory system is so developed.

Nowadays, humans have learned to use the olfactory ability of dogs to train hunting dogs, explosive dogs, and drug hunting dogs. They only need to let them smell the corresponding scent at ordinary times, and they can find things with this smell. , So as to help people find lost old people, find hidden explosives, etc.

It can be said that the nose of a dog is equivalent to a human eye, and if their nose suffers a serious injury, it is equivalent to a human eye suffering a serious injury. Although a dog’s nose injury will not necessarily kill them, it will cause their quality of life to decline and cause inconvenience for them to explore the world.

In addition, another weakness of dogs is their stomachs. In an unsafe environment, they will not expose their stomachs. This is because their stomachs are where they are more vulnerable. If in an unsafe environment, wild beasts may directly bite their stomachs and cause them to die.

Precisely because of the higher mortality rate faced by dogs with unsafe bare belly, nowadays dogs tend not to show belly unless they feel that the environment is very safe or you are trustworthy.

Things that scare dogs

In many ways, dogs are similar to humans. With a little training, dogs can understand human instructions and make corresponding actions according to the instructions.

But research also shows that if we talk to dogs in a fierce tone, the dogs will also feel scared; and when we talk to the dogs in an approving tone, the dog’s reward program will start. Of course, there is a premise, that is, dogs often live with humans, and they understand human tone better.

In addition to the tone of voice, the thing that makes dogs most afraid is that humans pick up rocks. If you encounter dogs that are aggressive towards you, as long as you squat down and pretend to pick up things, they will be afraid. The reason is not that they are afraid of pain, but that the power of human throwing weapons is really powerful.

For example, the Maasai people nowadays only rely on a spear, they dare to hunt lions, and they beat the lions to nowhere. The reason is that humans can throw spears from far away, and humans can throw them at a speed. The additional potential energy of the spears allows them to penetrate the thick fur of the lion.

Dogs and humans have evolved together for tens of thousands of years. They have long known how powerful humans can throw weapons, so dogs dare not approach the stone pickers, even if the other party just pretends to pick up stones.

to sum up

Knowing the most vulnerable parts of dogs and what they fear most is not to let us hurt them, but to protect them better. For the dog owner, the best protection is not only not hitting the parts that can easily cause it to hurt, but also walking the dog and holding the leash to avoid hurting or getting lost. For ordinary people, don’t tease the dog easily. Don’t love, please don’t hurt.

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