Why did the death row prisoner tie his trousers with a rope when he was shot?

The death penalty, also known as capital punishment, life penalty, is a penalty for depriving the criminal of his life, and it is the most powerful type of penalty. It is conceivable that the death penalty is also the most serious punishment method used to combat crime and maintain social order.

Hegel believes that punishment is the result chosen by the offender when he chooses to commit a crime based on his free will: “What the offender includes in his actions is not only the concept of crime, that is, the rational aspect of the crime’s freedom–in this respect, the state should Claiming that it is effective, regardless of whether the individual has expressed consent, is the rationality of the form, that is, the individual’s desire to believe that punishment includes the criminal’s own law, so punishing him is the existence of reason that respects him. ”

Hegel’s remarks have also become one of the theoretical foundations for the existence of the modern death penalty. Unlike ancient times, it is almost impossible for ordinary people to enter the execution ground to see the execution of the death sentence. This impossibility has painted layers of mystery on the execution process of the death penalty. Colors. As a result, various legends and speculations spread among the people.

For example, many people are curious, why are the trousers tied with a rope when the executed prisoner is shot?

Why are the trousers tied with a rope

Human rights, desires, and pursuits are often linked to life. After being sentenced to death, some death row prisoners feel that once they lose their lives, their rights, desires, and pursuits will become meaningless and worthless.

Therefore, after receiving the death sentence, some of them will completely lose their pursuit and hope for family, career, feelings, and life, feel that they have no value in their own existence, and lose confidence in everything.

Under the control of pessimism and despair, some prisoners on death row do not even want to be executed until the date of execution, resulting in serious suicidal psychology. Some prisoners on death row seek early death by swallowing foreign objects, self-mutilating their bodies, taking drugs and overdose, cutting blood vessels, and hanging themselves. .

During the waiting period for execution, human fear will reach its maximum, although many criminals are extremely vicious when committing crimes, and regard human life as a waste. But when he is really confronted with death, his heart will also cause distortion of his facial features and mental breakdown because of extreme fear.

There are even many death row prisoners at the time when the final adjudication is issued. Many of the death row prisoners are ashamed, their legs and even the whole body can’t help shaking. The legal documents have not yet been read, and it is not uncommon for people to say “pee in pants”.

On May 7, 1995, when 30 death row prisoners were executed, one of them collapsed immediately at the sentencing meeting, foaming at the mouth. When the bailiff pulled him up, he had become a puddle of mud. But such a cowardly person, when kidnapping or killing a child, no matter how the child screamed, he was insensitive and cruel. Many such death row prisoners have completely lost the madness of crime when facing death. At this time, in order to avoid unnecessary troubles, in response to situations such as incontinence, they often tie up their trouser legs with hemp rope.

In this way, they can also leave with more dignity. It can be considered a more humane approach. In addition, after the death penalty is over, it is also convenient for the staff to clean up the remains.

I also need to tie it with hemp rope.

Of course, tying hemp rope on the trouser tube is only one of the steps. The death penalty binding technique is an indispensable professional ability for practitioners in the judicial department. It is an important skill for exercising the power to execute the death penalty. The reason why handcuffs and fetters are not used is because Handcuffs and fetters belong to police weapons, not torture devices. Handcuffs and shackles are all restrictive police equipment, and their application requirements may be more stringent.

It restricts the movement of the upper body of the executed prisoner by tying the shoulders, arms and hands of the executed prisoner. One end of the rope is alive. You can hold this end with your hand, and you can easily hold the executed prisoner to prevent him from escaping.

The upper body binding helps prevent death row prisoners from escaping, attacking and other harmful behaviors. The bad nature of death row prisoners should also wear a headgear to prevent them from biting. It may also prevent the bailiff from remembering the death row prisoner’s face.

The upper body is tied up, and it is convenient for the executed prisoner to kneel when he is leaving, and he will not move around at will. The feet of the executed prisoner were also restrained by a police rope, leaving only room for him to walk in small steps.

to sum up

With the development of the times, the injection of death penalty is now the main method of execution in China, but before going to bed, the death penalty is still a commonly used method.

The death penalty by injection is to inject drugs into the veins of the executed person to cause death. At present, the “three-needle method” is mainly used to inject sodium thiopental (anesthetic), Pavron (Pancuronium, which causes rapid paralysis of respiratory muscles), and high concentration of potassium chloride (KCl, which leads to rapid paralysis of the respiratory muscles). Cardiac arrest), so that the person being executed quickly loses consciousness and soon died of suffocation.

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