How high can a flea jump?

Fleas can jump up to 35 cm. Fleas are only 0.5 to 3 mm long and weigh only about 200 mg, but they can jump up to 350 mm in height. In other words, the height of a flea jump is more than one hundred times its length. Fleas jump once every four seconds and can jump continuously for 78 hours. The force used for the vertical jump is 140 times its own weight.

Fleas like to be parasitic on hairy pets, such as domestic cats and dogs. If they are not regularly dewormed outside the body, they will easily be infected when they go out.

If you have pets in your home, you first need to do a good job of pet hygiene, regularly carry out external deworming, and try not to take your pets to unclean places or places where other animals are kept. Clean your home frequently, especially in areas where pets sleep and behind beds, sofas and furniture.

Once a flea is parasitic on an animal, it starts to suck blood and can produce white eggs within a few days. Flea eggs are easy to fall to the ground and mix with the dust on the ground, making it difficult for humans to detect. Flea eggs can be removed from the source by cleaning, and you can choose to use a vacuum cleaner.

If there are fleas in the house, you can use fly-killing medicine to kill the adult fleas. After spraying for 3 hours, open the window for ventilation. Take the clothes to boil or soak them in washing powder water for a knife or two hours, scald large clothes and mats with boiling water; then expose them to the sun. Apply 10% sulfur ointment evenly on the body and mat, and usually bathe with sulfur soap.

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