Is car color and safety really related?

When choosing a new car for the first time, novices who buy a car for the first time will habitually choose the best-looking color according to their own preferences, and even some young people who are at the forefront of fashion will choose very niche local gold and champagne colors. , Rose red and other colors that feel more cool. But if there is an old driver who often drives by these novices, he may quietly tell you that these fashionable colors may increase the accident rate after you get on the road. So, is what the old driver said true? Is the appearance of a car really related to the probability of an accident?

The answer is: the old driver is right. There is indeed a close relationship between the appearance of cars and their accident rates. For the safety of yourself and your loved ones, you really can’t be so willful when choosing the color of a car. After all, safety is much more important than pulling the wind. Let’s take a look at the scientific truth behind this incident and how to choose the color with the highest probability of safety.

It is Australia’s largest auto insurance company that made this conclusion. As an insurance company, they are exposed to many car safety accidents. They have sorted out the colors of these accident vehicles, trying to find a connection between the color of the car and the safety index. In the end, they concluded through data analysis that among the existing colors, black cars have the highest probability of accidents, and the safest car color is white. The hazard factor of gray and silver cars is second only to black, and they are also more dangerous colors. Then there are red, blue, and green cars. Compared with black cars, these color cars have a much higher safety factor, but they are far inferior to white cars.

How big is the difference in car safety factor between black and white? The data shows that in the daytime driving environment, the probability of a black car being dangerous is 12% higher than that of a white car. In the early morning and evening, the probability of a black car being dangerous is 47% higher than that of a white car.

The reason for this is like we wear white and black clothes. We all know that white clothes will look fatter on the body, and black clothes will look much thinner. This involves the expansion and contraction of the color. The color that looks thin or fat is due to the poor vision caused by this expansion and contraction.

It is precisely because of this characteristic of color that a black car looks smaller than its actual size, while a white car looks larger than it actually is. A car that looks larger than its actual size is more likely to attract the attention of others, and the safety factor will increase a lot. And white cars have a higher reflectivity to light, which is why it is safer than other color cars.

Therefore, after knowing this, we will make a more wise choice when choosing car colors, which will enable us to obtain a higher safety index.

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