Is Pharaoh the offspring of aliens? Why does it look different from ordinary people?

In the myths of various countries, there is a story recorded that human beings were born from a male and a female. For example, in myths and legends in our country, the earliest human beings were Nuwa and Fuxi, who were a pair of siblings. But in order to multiply humans, they prayed to the heavens that if the heavens allowed them to join together, then the two stones that fell from different places could eventually become one, and the result was indeed the case. They followed the destiny to become a husband and wife and gave birth to all the things on the earth. people.

In Western mythology, the first two people were Adam and Eve. They were driven out of the Garden of Eden by God because they ate the fruit of wisdom. After being driven out of the Garden of Eden, they gave birth to many children, and these children married and gave birth to each other. All humans on earth.

It can be seen from these myths that in the past it was believed that one man and one woman could make the entire human population prosper. Although this statement was regarded as “truth” in the past, we now know that if there is only one man and one woman left on the earth, then humans will be extinct due to inbreeding. This can be seen in the story of the Egyptian pharaohs. come out.

Pharaoh Amenhotep IV of Egypt

Amenhotep IV was a pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt. If you are not familiar with him, you must be very familiar with his son. Yes, his son is the famous Tutankhamun, the mummy mask he wore It is the symbol of ancient Egypt in the Egyptian Museum.

Amenhotep IV has kept quite a few statues, and these statues look very “unbelievable”. First of all, his face looks very different from human beings, and his high cheekbones and long chin let him see. It looks more like an alien. Secondly, his breasts are relatively developed, which looks a lot like girls’ breasts.

The lower part of the body looks a lot like a woman, with a round belly and buttocks,

The legs are so short that it is suspected that his legs can support his whole body weight.

The protruding face and back of the head, slender arms and bloated lower limbs, as well as the protruding abdomen and buttocks, make him look so strange that people think he is not a human, but an “alien”, or is A person who has been transformed by an alien civilization, but the existing genetic analysis does not support this claim. The reason why his body structure is so strange is that scientists believe that it may be related to his suffering from a variety of genetic diseases.

Through research on Akhenaten and his son Tutankhamun, Dr. Braviman found that the reason why they have such a strange body may be suffering from Marfan syndrome, and Marfan syndrome is a hereditary Chromosomal mutation disease, the main characteristics of people with Marfan syndrome are slender limbs, very long fingers and toes, the upper body is longer than the lower body, the muscles are underdeveloped, and the subcutaneous fat is less. People with Marfan syndrome have an 80% chance of having congenital cardiovascular malformations, leading to a sharp decrease in life expectancy.

The reason why Akhenaten and his son Tutankhamun have it is related to the marriage policy of the Egyptian pharaoh family.

Egyptian pharaohs married with close relatives

In order to consolidate their rights, the Egyptian pharaohs also wanted to ensure that their bloodlines were pure, so that ordinary people’s bloodlines would not “contaminate” their noble bloodlines, so much so that they had always pursued marriage with close relatives. In fact, this is no longer a description of marriage with close relatives. It can even be said to be “incest” because they will not take into account ethics and will choose to marry their own brothers and sisters, and even have offspring with their own mothers and daughters.

For example: Cleopatra, who is very well-known in the world, has married his two half brothers.

Hatshepsut of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt was a female pharaoh. She was the daughter of Thutmose I. She was married to her brother. After her brother died, she supported the young lord like Wu Zetian and replaced him.

Akhenaten himself also married his two daughters, and after his death, his son Tutankhamun succeeded to the throne and married his father’s two widows, who were his half-sisters.

Although the marriage of close relatives may not always give birth to deformed children, the Egyptian pharaohs intermarried for a very long period of time, so that there were many defective genes among the pharaohs. These defective genes caused the pharaohs to suffer from serious inheritance diseases. They are miserable.

Take Tutankhamun, the most familiar one, as an example, we might think that he is a sunny boy, but in fact he suffers from severe spinal curvature, one of his legs is broken, bone necrosis, left foot deformity, right foot missing toe, Usually rely on crutches or servants to act.


From the consequences of intermarriage within the Egyptian pharaohs, it can be seen that if the diversity of the human gene pool is not rich enough, then humans will be extinct due to various genetic diseases, and this is why the law prohibits close relatives from marrying.

It can be seen that if there is only one man and one woman left on the earth, then humans will undoubtedly become extinct, unless the two of them can master very high-level gene editing technology.

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