Ever heard that flour can also explode?

In daily life, a lot of common sense of life must be understood. A news report said that when a housewife was cooking in the kitchen, the children threw flour and caused an explosion in the kitchen and injuries. After this news came out, many people couldn’t believe it. Could it be that the flour people eat would also explode?

Flour does explode. Let’s first look at the principle of dust explosion. When the dust suspended in the air reaches a certain concentration, an explosive mixture is formed. At this time, if it encounters a fire source, it will cause rapid combustion and explosion.

The main ingredient of flour is starch, which is also a carbohydrate. We have all had the experience that when cooking noodles, the noodles that accidentally fell into the flames quickly scorched. When flour is thrown, there will be a lot of flour particles in the air. Studies have shown that when the flour dust content per cubic meter of air reaches 50 grams, it will explode when it encounters an open flame. The flour particles being thrown are very small and easy to be ignited. When a grain of flour is ignited, it will ignite the nearby flour particles. This will cause all the flour particles in the space to burn. The burning speed is extremely fast and generates a lot of heat. Time is a dust explosion.

The principle of dust explosion is similar to that of gasoline explosion. When the gas molecules of gasoline diffuse into the air and reach a certain concentration, they will explode when they encounter an open flame. The chemical reaction speed of dust explosion is very fast and the destructive power is huge.

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