Mercury thermometer broke the danger it?

In daily life, many small objects are good helpers in life, and so are mercury thermometers. Because the temperature measurement is accurate and the price is cheap, many families will have mercury thermometers. Mercury thermometers with transparent glass shells have a big disadvantage, that is, they are easily broken. Recently, there were news reports that because the mercury thermometer at home was broken and not handled properly, the child was poisoned by mercury. This matter really cannot be taken lightly. Could the mercury in a small thermometer be so harmful?

We often say that mercury is mercury, which is a silver-white liquid metal. Under normal circumstances, people inhaling mercury vapor or dust containing mercury compounds will cause mercury poisoning, and the body will experience fever, dizziness, and headache. Mercury poisoning can also cause stomatitis and bronchitis. In severe cases, it can affect the functions of the lungs, kidneys, and central nervous system.

Because the mercury in the mercury thermometer is relatively small, there is basically no problem with scientific treatment after it is broken. Due to the high density of mercury, the mercury will drop onto the floor in the form of droplets or many small droplets after the mercury thermometer is broken. At this time, you must quickly open the windows for ventilation to keep the air in circulation. Don’t touch the mercury with your hands curiously, and don’t simply collect it with paper or cotton swabs.

The correct way is to use cardboard or tape to collect the mercury, or use flour or mud and other paste-like objects to collect the mercury. Don’t throw away the stored mercury, just take it to a place where there is no one and there is good air circulation and let it evaporate naturally in the air. At this time, if there are clothes contaminated with mercury, they should be placed outdoors for ventilation or discarded. For families with infants and young children, it is best to keep the home ventilated for 24 hours during this period and not to be inhabited.

Therefore, even if the mercury thermometer is accidentally broken, there is no problem as long as it is handled properly. But if it is not handled properly, it will indeed cause great harm to our health. Faced with such a situation, we still have to be cautious.

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