Does eating chocolate make you smarter?

Many people have a soft spot for chocolate. To ask what makes chocolate we can’t give up, we will give a lot of reasons without thinking, such as sweet taste, such as making people happy, such as preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and strengthening the body’s immunity. There is another theory about the benefits of eating more chocolate, but many people don’t know it, and some people may not believe it. That is, people who eat more chocolate will become smarter and smarter. Is this statement really credible?

In fact, both the United Kingdom and the United States have done related experiments, and the results of the experiments are similar. They all believe that eating more chocolate can indeed effectively improve people’s intelligence.

In 2012, the British Medical Center published a paper. This paper illustrates the relationship between chocolate and human intelligence by comparing the relationship between chocolate consumption in multiple countries and Nobel Prize winners in various countries. The result of the argument is that there is a positive correlation between the two.

Later, they recruited some elderly people to volunteer. These elderly people drink hot chocolate every day. After the one-month experiment period ended, the experimenters found that the memory and problem-solving ability of the old people had been greatly improved. Later, the University of Maine in the United States conducted a similar experiment. This time they gathered nearly a thousand volunteers. The age distribution of volunteers is also wider, from young people who have just turned 20 to those in their 90s. Longevity elderly. After a year of experimentation, they came to the conclusion that eating chocolate makes people smarter.

Doesn’t it feel amazing, why does the chocolate we’ve become accustomed to have such a magical effect? Let’s see how it works.

Scientists have shown through experiments that the reason why chocolate can effectively improve our intelligence is because the cocoa flavanol and methylxanthine in chocolate can have a positive impact on our brain’s cognition, which makes people gradually grow older as they grow older. Declined cognitive abilities have been effectively improved, allowing us to concentrate more, improve memory, and make our brains more capable of solving problems.

Especially the effect of flavanols is more obvious. Flavanol is a natural plant compound. After being ingested by the human body, it not only helps us maintain the stability of blood pressure and acts as an oxidant to maintain the health of the heart, but also stimulates the functioning of the brain by promoting blood circulation. If we keep the habit of eating chocolate for a long time, so that we can maintain a stable intake of flavanols, we can effectively improve our intelligence and delay the problem of mental decline caused by age.

However, this is only an ideal state, because chocolate has high fat content but does not have the cellulose that can stimulate the normal gastrointestinal movement, so long-term large amounts of intake will have different negative effects on people of different ages. Although chocolate can make people smart, it is not suitable for everyone. Remember not to try it lightly.

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