Is frequent kissing good for longevity?

If someone tells you that kissing often can live longer than someone who doesn’t kiss, do you believe it or not?

The truth of the matter is that people who kiss frequently under the same conditions can really live longer than people who don’t kiss. Some researchers in the United States claimed that they found through research that the specific time period for regular kissing to survive “longer” is five years. Although the reliability of the research basis for this specific time remains to be discussed, there is a solid scientific basis for people who kiss frequently to live longer than others.

Scientists have shown that when kissing, many tissues of our body are involved in varying degrees, and the facial muscles alone involve as many as 34 muscles. In addition to the ability to mobilize muscle movement during kissing, the blood circulation and metabolism of the human body will also become faster. The hormone secretion of various glands in the human body will also be many times more than usual. These will affect the human body. Have a beneficial impact.

Moreover, when the saliva of two people who are kissing is fused together, the microorganisms in each saliva will produce a certain stress response due to the stimulation of the microorganisms in the other’s saliva. This stress response stimulates the human immune system to produce specific antibodies. This process is often referred to as “cross immunity” in medicine. The massive secretion of hormones in the body and the production of specific antibodies can not only enhance the body’s immunity, but also play a role in strengthening the body.

Therefore, it is indeed scientifically based that regular kissing can make people live longer. However, this is not all the benefits of kissing. In addition to its health benefits, kissing can also make people feel happy and full of happiness. It can be said that it is both physically and mentally.

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