Will drinking beer with a straw make it easier to get drunk?

Beer can be said to be the most common low-alcohol beverage in our lives, and it is deeply loved by people. Unlike those high-end brandies, people who usually drink poorly can also drink a few glasses of beer and experience the joy of drinking.

Anyone who is accustomed to drinking brandy knows that if you don’t want to get drunk quickly, choose a smaller cup and sip and drink. Otherwise, even if it is the same amount of wine, you will probably get drunk and unconscious if you pour it down a few times. As for beer, which way is easier to get drunk when drinking the same amount of beer in a big glass or drinking it slowly with a straw?

Many people may think that there should be no obvious difference in the cup of wine when the same people drink the same amount of wine. Some people still think that of course it is easy to get drunk when you drink quickly. In fact, the answer may be beyond everyone’s expectations.

The scientific answer is that drinking the same amount of beer slowly with a straw is easier to get drunk than drinking it with a large cup. Let’s analyze the scientific principles in detail below.

The reason why the same amount of beer is more easily drunk when you drink it slowly with a straw is that when you drink beer with a straw, the beer will first travel to every corner of the stomach wall. In this process, almost all the alcohol in the wine will be absorbed by the body. Moreover, because the drinking rate is relatively slow, alcohol has enough time to numb our body during the blood circulation process.

If you drink heavily, part of the alcohol can be emitted directly, and a large amount of beer is collected in the stomach in a short time. The alcohol is often filtered by the kidney before it can be discharged from the body at any time before it can penetrate into the blood. So, if you don’t want to get drunk so quickly, don’t choose to drink beer slowly with a straw.

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