What will happen to people if they don’t eat staple foods for a long time? Will it really become thinner?

There is a way to lose weight on the Internet: do not eat staple food to lose weight. In fact, this method has been used a long time ago. In order to maintain a good photogenic state, celebrities will reduce or skip staple food. For example, Liu Shishi once revealed that she is a type of fat who drinks water and has not been photogenic for about 5 years. Have eaten staple food.

Staple food refers to the main sources of carbohydrate intake such as wheat, corn, rice and other grains. In some poorer places, people will also take potato or sweet potato and other tuber plants as their staple food. These foods are without exception. All of them contain a lot of carbohydrates.

Staple food contains a lot of calories, so many people who lose weight will not eat or eat less staple food, but experts warn that they should also eat staple food during weight loss. Long-term non-eating of staple food will bring a greater burden to the human body.

Why eat staple food?

We know that even if the human body does not exercise or work, it will consume a lot of energy. This part of energy is called basal metabolism. The food we eat is to meet the daily needs of the human body, and the staple food is one of our important sources of energy.

Under normal circumstances, when people do not eat staple foods, they will not additionally consume other high-protein and high-fat foods, resulting in a decrease in the energy obtained by the body. In order to maintain its own operation, the human body consumes the protein food we eat as calories, which leads to a significant reduction in the protein supply to the body.

Our body cells are inseparable from protein in the process of operation. When the protein supply is reduced, there will be muscle loss, skin elasticity, hair loss, and fatigue. Some girls may even experience menstrual disorders.

In addition, the reduction of carbohydrate supply will also lead to the appearance of low blood sugar in the human body. Many people who achieve their weight loss goals by starving or not eating staple foods may experience dizziness, cold sweats or even fainting. . If you have occasional low blood sugar, you can quickly add sugar or carbohydrates to improve it. However, if you have long-term low blood sugar, it will cause palpitation, tremor, pale complexion, and even lead to irritability, irritability and coma.

Not eating staple foods can also lead to nutritional imbalance in the human body, and it is easy to lack vitamin B and minerals. Vitamin B is a water-soluble substance. They are not stored in the body, but will be excreted with the body’s metabolism. This requires us every day Vitamin B must be supplemented, and the best food for vitamin B supplementation is the staple food. Lack of vitamin B will lead to depression, decreased thinking ability, and even insomnia and depression.

It can be seen from the above that staple food is very important to human beings, and long-term non-eating of staple food will cause the human body to face a series of problems. Of course, there are some people who can provide the human body with corresponding energy through the reasonable dietary arrangements of nutritionists and vitamin supplements, but for ordinary people, the simplest and cheapest way is to ensure adequate intake of food.

More importantly, the researchers found that not eating staple foods can not lose weight. Although it can make a person’s weight drop in the short term, the body’s weight will rebound after more than 6 months. As this method of weight loss is not only ineffective, but also harmful to human health, the current experts do not recommend this method of weight loss, but advocate a healthier way of weight loss.

Can eating staple foods lose weight?

Although people who lose weight dare not eat staple food, in fact, a reasonable diet can also help us lose weight.

During the weight loss period, you can replace your staple food with coarse grains. Coarse grains are not necessarily all miscellaneous grains, but the rice and flour we eat in modern times are all refined grains, with the surface wheat bran and rice bran removed. Wheat bran and rice bran help our gastrointestinal peristalsis, but also make the GI value of the staple food lower.

Of course, in the diet process, you should implement a small-eating strategy in stages. In the first stage, you can quit a high-calorie food you eat every day, such as milk tea, potato chips, etc.; wait until the next stage, and then quit Drop a high-calorie food. Note that even if you want to quit some high-calorie foods, you must ensure that you can consume enough staple foods, vegetables, fruits, and meats every day. You cannot cancel any category. After all, different categories provide different nutrients.

Although this method makes you lose weight less quickly, it is healthier and does not put a greater burden on your body.

However, nowadays, when many people are shouting to lose weight, they are not actually fat, but the skin is not firm enough. This is actually not through weight loss to obtain a beautiful body, such as: hips and waistcoat line, but rely on exercise To increase your muscle content and make your figure more bumpy.

Finally, I wish everyone can get the good figure they want.

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