Will the small flying insects hit by raindrops die?

The arrival of the summer season is also the season of mosquito ravages. At this time, the small flying insects flying everywhere make people annoying. There are more thunderstorms in summer. When the lightning flashes and thunder, will those flying insects outside be killed by raindrops?

Someone experimented with mosquitoes for this purpose, and showed the mosquito’s super-intelligent mind in front of the high-definition camera lens. Mosquitoes are very light, and the mass of a raindrop is more than fifty times that of mosquitoes.

When raindrops fall, there is little chance that they will fall on the mosquito, usually on the mosquito’s wings and several stretched legs.

At this time, the mosquito only needs to tilt the hit body, and then roll sideways, and the raindrops on the body will go down. Even if the raindrops accidentally fall directly above the mosquito, the mosquito’s body is light and will not be subject to a big impact.

At this time, the mosquito will fly homeopathically and adjust its body during the flight to separate the raindrops from itself.

Therefore, the probability of raindrops hitting flying insects is not very high, and even if they hit, there are very few situations that can kill flying insects.

Another important note is that when raindrops fall from the air, gravitational acceleration will generate a “pressure wave” around the raindrops. This pressure wave is a great force for flying insects, and this force will automatically Push away the little flying insect.

In addition, small flying insects are generally more sensitive to weather changes. When a storm is about to come, they will find a hiding place in advance to avoid disasters caused by the storm.

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