The Maya recorded that the earth’s civilization has been reincarnating. How many civilizations are human beings?

The earth has gone through about 4.5 billion years of history since its birth. It is hard to imagine that only one generation of civilization has appeared in this long history of 4.5 billion years. Therefore, scientists hope to find traces of ancient civilizations from the geological history or the records of civilization history. , And a previous study showed that there have been 5 civilizations on the earth!

Five civilizations that have ever appeared on the earth

It is said that some experts who study the Mayan calendar say that there are many civilizations recorded in the Mayan solar period:

The first civilization is the civilization that appeared in the first solar period (MATLACTIL ART) on the earth according to the Maya legend. It was about 962,000 years ago and the location was an undersea volcanic eruption. Gendaya Continent that uplifted afterwards.

It is said that this civilization has super powers. The height of men is about 2.1 meters and the height of women is about 1.8 meters. Men have a third eye on their foreheads. Eyes of different colors have different super powers. Some predict the future and some are used as weapons. Used, and a woman does not have a third eye but has the ability to connect with the gods.

The Gandaya civilization flourished to its peak 760,000 years ago, and then it was destroyed at the end of the first solar period. The reason was that the flood broke out, the continent sank, and the Gandaya civilization disappeared on the earth!

The second solar period is Ehecatl (Mesopotan civilization). According to the Mayan civilization, it was established by the fugitives of the Gendaya civilization, but they no longer have super powers, and they have forgotten the establishment a long time ago. Super civilization, but still has experts from all walks of life, established the Mesopotamian civilization. It is said that this civilization is located in the South Pole and was destroyed by the earth’s magnetic pole shift.

Tleyquiyahuillo (Lemurian civilization) established in the third solar period, this is the escape civilization of Mesopotamia, they can use the energy produced by the germination of plants, also known as the bioenergy civilization, destroyed by The land sank in the flood.

In the fourth solar period is Zondriric Tzontlilic (Atlantis civilization), this civilization is said to come from Orion, they have the ability to control the light, and the Lemurian civilization had conflicts (and Limerick The sub-civilization was established at the same time), and it was also destroyed by the great flood and the great sinking.

The fifth civilization is our generation, with rich emotions. It was extinct on December 22, 2012. The current civilization has been upgraded to spiritual civilization.

Did these civilizations really exist?

No matter how wild the legend is, we only have one question, whether these civilizations are true or not, maybe we can analyze it from several angles:

How do we prove that “ancient civilization” existed?

If ancient civilizations had existed on the earth, they would have left traces. Even the Stone Age also left beautifully crafted stone tools, didn’t they?

There are so many screws and circuit boards and various airplane models that can be manufactured by modern civilization on the earth. Is there any other proof for this? It’s a pity that they were all rejected by archaeologists, but the large-scale relics of prehistoric civilization have not been found. Of course, this is not difficult for scientists. They proposed a best “test trace” to verify the existence of civilization. the way:

Gavin Schmidt, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Research (also known as GISS), gave everyone a new idea. Any civilization that develops from agriculture to industry in turn will To change the planet on the scale of “planetary stars”, they will leave very obvious evidence.

For example, to feed so many people, nitrogen fertilizer must be used. After a large amount of nitrogen fertilizer enters the cycle, it will leave indelible traces in this era. Even if civilization is completely destroyed, the sediments they produce will never be wiped out.

The other is the carbon emissions and various pollution emissions of modern industrial civilization, as well as the element emissions that are difficult to produce in nature after metal smelting. They will also form sediments. For example, even if all humans migrate to the outer planet after a million years, even if the buildings are The destruction is reduced to zero, but it is still possible to analyze the level of development of our generation of civilization from the sediments.

The other is super hard-to-degrade plastics. Some substances will not even degrade in nature. This is also an important evidence that represents the level of civilization and technology.

But we didn’t find it at all. There are only various fossils of the gradual development of life, and we can’t see the “planetary level” changing the scale of the earth at all, so Gavin Schmidt judged that there was no such civilization in history. .

Why was the ancient civilization so fragile, and disappeared when the flood broke out and the continent sank?

This is a very interesting topic. The first thing that is difficult to explain is where the flood that flooded the continent came from? After all, the global ice melting has only risen by 66 meters. Even if there is such a flood, these civilizations are already highly developed. What about the buildings they left behind? What about the aircraft? What about the satellite? Is it all gone?

Of course, what is even more suspicious is that a civilization that has developed into the era of aerospace and is much more developed than modern humans, how can it be at a loss for floods and zero the entire civilization will be extinct, and more than once, but time after time, maybe only left A guess: the ancients had never seen a way to destroy the heavens and the earth, and only the flood could meet their imagination.

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The author checked the calendars of the Mayan civilization. Although there are many types, there is no calendar called the solar period. The calendars used by the Maya include the divine calendar (Zoerjin calendar), the solar calendar, and the long-term calendar.

But the most important of these calendars is the 260-day Tzolkin (Tzolkin). The combination of the Tzolkin and the 365-day Habula forms a synchronous cycle that lasts for 52 Habula cycles, called the calendar cycle. .

The solar calendar mainly played a leading role in agricultural production in the Mayan civilization. It divided a year into 18 months, with 20 days per month, and the remaining 5 days were regarded as taboo days throughout the year. 52 solar calendar periods are equal to 73 divine calendar periods. The relationship between the two is: 365×52=260×73, that is, the least common multiple of the two is 1890 days. The solar calendar has a period of 52

The Mayans have a Venus calendar, so some people say that the Mayans came from Venus, but Venus orbits the sun for 224 days, but the Maya’s Venus calendar has a Venus cycle of 584 days. Because of the relative motion of the earth and Venus, the cycle is 584. Heavens, the Maya are truly earthlings.


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