Will there be communication and exchange among trees?

The ways of communication between species are different. Humans generally use language to communicate their wishes, while animals usually communicate through smells, sounds, actions, and colors. What about plants, do plants have their own ways of communication and communication?

The answer is yes. Although the communication between trees does not talk deeply with each other like humans do, they have their own way of communication. Next to a tall plant, trees of other species often grow very slowly, but trees of the same species or related to this plant will grow faster.

Through research, it is found that trees will also take care of young ones. If trees of the same kind or related species grow around them, then big trees of the same species will give up some soil to help their roots of the same species get more nutrition. Leave enough space for the root system of the young tree to stretch. At the same time, the tree will extend the developed root system to other neighboring species.

If the adjacent trees are not as tall as their own, the tall trees will express their meaning, that is, if you want to survive, then find a way to grow taller or grow elsewhere. So we can often see the small trees around the big tree. Sometimes we can get more sunlight to get the body to grow, or try to stretch the branches farther, or even try to grow up from the gap between the big branches. , And strive to fight for their own living space.

This kind of conversation is more obvious among Artemisia plants. The pressure of these plants due to herbivores will produce something called plant secondary matter, which will be passed on to neighboring plants. These plants Will gradually make yourself taste bad to protect yourself. If the surrounding plants do not sense the information brought by this plant secondary material, it is very likely that their leaves will suffer more damage from herbivores. Studies have shown that plants will warn of danger when facing danger.

Among the many plants, the smartest is a tree called the willow. This kind of tree will store the salt and water absorbed from the soil in its branches and leaves, and when it accumulates to a certain degree, it will release the salt into the surrounding soil. It can survive in this high-salinity soil by itself. This way of forcibly driving away other species is to show other plants that I only accept the same kind as neighbors, and the quality and survival of other species have nothing to do with me.

Communication between plants can also be done in other ways. Many plants and soil fungi have a symbiotic relationship. Fungi help trees collect water and nutrients, and trees provide enough sugar for fungi. Scientists analyzed that when a plant is damaged, a huge fungal network formed by countless fungi will send dangerous messages. These fungi help their hosts to transmit information to other hosts in time, and disconnected plants cannot receive dangerous information even if they are very close. Plants have existed on the earth for 2.5 billion years. There must be many ways of communication in the process of survival of the fittest. We need to continue to explore this.

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