How terrible is the fourth-level civilization? Why do scientists never mention it?

The galaxy where the solar system is located is the Milky Way, which contains about 200 billion stars, and the Milky Way is an ordinary medium galaxy, and the universe must contain at least 20,000 galaxies.

At the same time, according to the current scientific system, the universe was born in the Big Bang at the singularity, which began at 13.82 billion years ago. From a statistical point of view, it is far from enough for a civilization to exist in such a large and old universe. It is like saying that there is only one fish living in the oceans of the earth, and we all know how low this probability is.

After 3.8 billion years of development and evolution on the earth, in the process, species became extinct and new species appeared. Among the countless species, only humans have developed an intelligent civilization. This is a qualitative leap in comparison with other organisms. Because it is possible to invent tools and use tools with wisdom, and fly out of the earth to set foot on the moon, which is impossible for any other species.

Then the problem arises. The creatures on the earth are in different positions and hierarchies, so there must be hierarchies in the species that develop intelligent civilization in the universe.

In 1964, the Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev proposed a concept that divided civilizations into three levels based on a “energy consumption”. Later, in 1973, Karl Sagan perfected this index. Later, the division became Called “Kardashev Civilization Index”. Here, biological civilization is divided into three levels, namely planetary civilization. At this stage, biological civilization can thoroughly master the energy of planets and their satellites.

The second level is a star level civilization. Reaching this level means that biological civilization can master the energy of all celestial bodies in the star system, and the third level will rise to a galaxy. Human beings are currently at the level of 0.7. Although the earth’s resources and energy are used and exploited in a wide range, the moon has not been completely conquered. There are very rare mineral resources on the moon that are waiting for humans to exploit.

In fact, it can be seen that it takes a long time for the development of human civilization to reach level I civilization, at least a century or even a thousand years, not to mention level II and level III civilization.

In fact, in the process of development, astronomers took into account various possible factors and expanded the classification of this civilization level to seven. In fact, the four-level civilization is already incomprehensible. If it develops to that stage, it will become a cosmic civilization. Restricted to only one galaxy, continue to expand the territory, the area involved will be even larger.

Since energy can be mined, it can naturally be used. The third-level civilization can use the energy of all star systems in an entire galaxy, so the energy that can be used to reach the fourth-level civilization will naturally be more, so destroy a star system or even destroy a star system. An entire galaxy should be easy.

Just like the biological civilization created in the “Three-Body” novel, the technological level of the Trisolaran may have just reached level II civilization, and the singer civilization in the future can use the binomial foil to attack the solar system and even more star systems. , Then it is possible to reach level III civilization, and the zero-returners mentioned in the whole novel may have reached level four civilization, and they can restart the entire universe through their own abilities.

In our way of thinking, according to the law of development of production, the history of human civilization can reach level III civilization, but why is it rarely mentioned that level IV civilization? In fact, the main reason is that it is difficult for humans to define it specifically at that level.

Such a biological civilization can easily destroy a galaxy or even completely destroy the universe, allowing the universe to reappear. In fact, it can be seen that such a biological civilization is impossible, because our universe is intact, which is rarely mentioned by scientists. And the reason for the fourth-level civilization. Of course, the division of this level is completely a game of words, just a reference for human beings to understand biological civilization, but we don’t know the real situation.

Judging from the road of human development, it is difficult or unwilling for us to abandon our homeland. Human beings may survive on the earth for a long time. As long as humans continue to develop and multiply, one day they will leave the earth to find a new home. At this time, the level of human technology is enough to support us in interstellar voyages, but life span and physical limitations make everything very difficult.

As scientists said, if human beings want to carry out interstellar voyages in the future, they must get rid of the harm of cosmic rays to the human body. It is necessary to know that the atmosphere and magnetic field on the earth can protect us from harm, but it must be completely relied on outside the earth. By myself. It’s hard to imagine a civilization that can surpass Level I, Level II, and Level III civilization and eventually develop into Level 4 civilization. In fact, from the perspective of energy utilization, the development of civilization has a limit.

Although Level 4 civilization is terrifying, it is almost impossible to reach.

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