Why is it not allowed to go deep in the Shennongjia forest area in China?

Mankind originated from the forest ancient apes 15 million years ago. It evolved and evolved all the way from the trees to walk upright, into the African grasslands, and finally out of the African Homo sapiens twice to develop an intelligent civilization. Since then we have lived in cities with high-rise buildings or villages with smoke rising, but without exception, humans gather to live together.

From the forest to the grassland and then to the city, it can be said that we have learned a lot, and at the same time we have also lost a lot. At least compared with ancient times, modern humans are accustomed to sitting at the desk and tapping on the computer instead of playing survival games in the primeval forest. The development of science and technology makes us more and more lazy. According to the future human model established by relevant research institutions, humans may become big-headed monsters after a thousand years. After all, Chile is the magic weapon for our survival and development.

The human species has 7 billion members on the earth, which are distributed in different areas. Human footprints are actually all over most corners of the earth. The Antarctic continent has an average of 2,000 meters thick ice caps. We have explored subglacial lakes. , The deepest Mariana Trench is more than 10,000 meters, and we have also inspected it on the spot.

However, some virgin forests on the earth are forbidden areas for human beings, and it is difficult to survive in them, such as the Amazon rainforest. In fact, the same is true in the Shennongjia forest area, where the deep virgin forest is forbidden.

Shennongjia Forest Area

There is a forest area between the Yangtze River and Han River in the western part of Hubei Province, which is famous all over the world for its primitiveness and mystery. In Shennongjia, there are dense mountains, high valleys and deep forests. People can easily get lost when they enter. Then they can no longer get out of Shennongjia. Except for the scenic spots developed by tourism, other areas are off the beaten track. Especially in the depths of Shennongjia, it is also forbidden to go. Forbidden areas for humans are often paradise for animals. The Shennongjia forest area is rich in animal and plant resources, and has many unique animal and plant individuals, such as albino animals. Of course, this is often the danger.

1. The legendary Shennongjia savage

There is a local rumor in Shennongjia. They believe that there is a strange creature living in the Shennongjia forest area. They are human-like but not human. They are tall and fierce. This is the legendary wild man. In particular, there are many local sightings of savages, which have also attracted the attention of the people across the country. Explorers from all over China have been persistently coming to Shennongjia to look for savages since the last century, but they have not succeeded once, at most they have found some. Suspicious hair or human-like footprints.

Some scientists believe that the savages of Shennongjia exist, and regard it as a missing link between ancient Homo sapiens and modern humans. Of course, this judgment has no scientific basis.

But for the locals, the depths of Shennongjia are still forbidden for human beings. Limited by the legend of wild people, no one dares to enter the undeveloped virgin forest area of ​​Shennongjia alone. In fact, even if there is no savage legend, it is a very dangerous behavior for humans to enter such virgin forests. All kinds of wild animals and high mountains and dense forests are fatal to humans.

Why does mainstream science believe that savages do not exist? The first is the requirement for the number of species. For advanced organisms such as some mammals, one male and one female is definitely not enough to ensure the normal reproduction of the population, at least dozens or hundreds of them. However, the savages in the legend of Shennongjia are indeed the dragons without seeing the end. Even if they are careful to avoid human search, they will always be discovered. Secondly, if the Shennongjia savages really exist, their development and evolution history will not be shorter than that of modern humans. Then, under the long historical evolution, there should be a large number of savage fossils and remains in the Shennongjia forest area.

The current evidence is limited to human-like footprints and some hairs. I personally believe that they all come from monkeys in the Shennongjia forest area.

2. The legendary donkey-headed wolf

There must be many mysterious legends in places off the beaten track, such as the donkey-headed wolf in Shennongjia. The locals call this legendary weird animal a donkey head, which looks like a wolf but has a donkey head. From the description, it is very strange.

There are many local sightings of donkey-headed wolves in the Shennonggu forest area. According to rumors, whenever food is scarce in the winter forest area, these donkey-headed bastards will come to the surrounding human gathering areas to harass and steal some poultry and livestock. Although many witnesses described wolves that donkey-headed wolves are afraid of humans, humans should be the one to be afraid of if they really encounter this strange creature in the depths of the Shennongjia forest area.

Scientists have found that the rumored donkey-headed wolf is similar to the extinct prehistoric animal Sag, but this animal is a creature that lived millions of years ago. At present, their fossils have been found in Asia, Africa and many places in Europe. . And the forest area like Shennongjia was indeed the place where Shaya lived in ancient times. Therefore, there is a saying that perhaps the well-preserved primitive forest area at Shennongjia became Shaya’s shelter, allowing them to develop and multiply all the way to the present. Thus became the donkey-headed wolf among the local population.

Said at the end

In the depths of the mysterious and primitive Shennongjia forest area, in addition to strange rumors, its well-preserved primitive forest environment also discourages people, thus becoming a paradise for animals in the restricted area of ​​mankind. It is understandable that humans dare not enter the depths of the Shennongjia forest area.

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