Of the five big lies in the history of science, none of them are true, but still people still believe in them.

The earth has been born 4.5 billion years ago, but the recorded history of mankind is no more than 10,000 years, and also includes myths and legends, so some people have always suspected whether there has been a prehistoric civilization, and it has been transmitted from the archaeological world. A lot of amazing news, but in fact the hidden facts are even more shocking!

Prehistoric gear

On March 12, 2012, a Russian Kamchatka peninsula was found about 200 kilometers away from Tekir and almost filled with gear stones. It seems that a pile of gear parts from a prehistoric civilization was covered by sedimentary rocks. This look! Moreover, the design of the gear is very consistent with modern mechanical design, and even steps are made to avoid stress concentration!

According to the identification of this rock by archaeologists, it has a history of more than 400 million years! According to modern scientific understanding of the history of the earth, about 400 million years ago, it was the early Devonian period, shortly after animals landed on land. How could there be prehistoric humans?

But later everyone discovered that the fossil with the picture came from the Natural History Museum in Lille, northern France, and that the news was not published by the official Russian news agency. It was a rather strange news, and paleontologists soon pointed out that the gear The “fossil” is almost the same as the sea lily fossil!

This sea lily is a kind of echinoderms that began in the Ordovician and became extinct in the Permian. It was once distributed in large numbers in the Carboniferous. This species that looks extremely plant-like is actually an invertebrate. ! And their shapes have even been used as the creative source for the science fiction film “Alien”.

In addition to “gear fossils”, there are also “circuit board fossils” that are also the masterpieces of Sea Lily, and there are even fossils with a certain special structure. They are really prehistoric smoke bombs, and everyone almost believes it.

Ancient egypt airplane model

Compared with the specious fossils, it is obvious that the airplane model of ancient Egypt is more shocking. As early as 1898, an archaeologist found an airplane in an ancient tomb more than 4,000 years ago in Egypt that was similar to a modern airplane. The model, but there was no concept of an airplane at the time, so it was called the “Wooden Bird Model”, and it has been covered in dust and unattended.

It was not until 1969 that the archaeologist Dr. Khalil Misha “discovered” it again. After that, the ancient Egyptian “aircraft model” began to circulate, but in fact it was very similar, and even later appeared in the relief of the tomb. The shape of a modern helicopter.

In addition, similar “airplane models” have appeared in South America. However, after archaeologists’ identification, this is not a real “airplane model”, but a kind of toy, just like the flying toys made in ancient China, except that these models have passed Exquisite processing, and some even made of metal. Some friends claim that these models can fly in wind tunnels, but in fact they do not meet the aerodynamic requirements. It is not surprising that they can fly in wind tunnels. As long as the wind is strong enough, Even people can fly!

As for the reliefs in the mausoleum, the original is not like that, it was artificially PS, and many of the shapes are aircraft in science fiction films, which is a proper fake.

Crystal skull

The Maya’s crystal skull legend is even more fascinating. Not only is it difficult to carve it, but also because the legendary crystal has mysterious energy, and the wonderful interpretation of Harrison Ford in “Indiana Jones 4” makes this crystal skull The legend is the same as the truth.

So does the crystal skull really come from the Mayan civilization? In order to ascertain the relationship between the two, scholars identified the processing traces of crystal skulls in the British Museum three times in 1976, 1996, and 2004, and found that the processing traces were typical jewelry processing tools made in Europe in the 19th century. of.

The most likely source is Idar-Oberstein (the small town of German handicraft processing) in Germany in the 19th century. So don’t make mistakes about the crystal skulls of the Mayan civilization.

Stone astronaut

The relief on the outer wall of the New Cathedral of Salamanca, Spain, has the image of modern astronauts, which is really shocking. Its shape is not bad with modern astronauts, and there are even striped close-ups on the soles! What is the explanation for this?

But in fact, the other area of ​​this relief is a lion holding ice cream. You should understand what this means, because this church was renovated in 1992, and the design of the sculpture on the facade of the church was designed. The teacher must have let himself go.

Nuclear reactors 2 billion years ago

All are clouds, but the nuclear reactor is real, and it’s not a mere fact! In June 1972, Dr. Bouzguet, who worked at the Pierre Lat Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Plant in France, found that the grade of these uranium ore from Oklo was low. Under normal circumstances, the natural abundance of U235 is 0.7202±0.0006%, but Oklo’s uranium ore is only 0.7171±0.0007%, which is about 0.003% less.

This matter has attracted the attention of the French Atomic Energy Commission, because uranium is a material subject to strict control. The low grade will naturally affect the production. The IAEA must find out whether the processing plant privately sold the extra uranium to the black market. After investigation, it was found that there was no problem in the production process.

Therefore, we traced the Oklo uranium mine, and found that there are more than one natural nuclear reactors in the mine, and there are a total of 15. The concentration of uranium-235 was relatively high two billion years ago, and it can form natural nuclear reactors under special conditions. Nuclear reactor, and local moderator water, at the same time it can also take away heat, and this special nuclear reactor lasted for 20 years, the power is about 100 kilowatts.

Later, it was rumored that it became a nuclear reactor of prehistoric civilization. In fact, it is no wonder that after all, how can such a tall thing as a nuclear reactor naturally form?

Atlantis first appeared in Plato’s “Dialogue”, a fair and highly developed civilization!

About nine thousand years ago in Solon, opposite the Pillar of Hercules (the Strait of Gibraltar), there was a big island. From there you can go to other islands. Opposite those islands is a whole piece of land surrounded by the ocean. , This is the kingdom of Atlantis. At that time, Atlantis was about to start a battle with Athens. Unexpectedly, Atlantis was suddenly hit by earthquakes and floods. It was completely submerged in the sea within less than a day and night, and became an obstacle to the Greeks’ sea journey. ”

Although we don’t know whether Atlantis exists, there is no scientific basis for the claim that it sinks to the bottom of the ocean day and night. Come out, not to mention that they all have flying machines. Isn’t it easy to reach other continents?

Another question is, do these highly developed civilizations really have no satellites? After all, satellites in geostationary orbit can continue to operate for more than 6 million years. Even if the legendary Atlantis civilization really existed, it is only 10,000 years now!

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