How terrifying can animals be restrained by their natural enemies? Which animals have no natural enemies?

What are natural enemies? For example, the natural enemy of a mouse is a cat, and a natural enemy is a certain kind of animal that specifically harms or preys on another animal. The two are inherently natural enemies. I often hear people say that there are no natural enemies in the flat-headed brother, and giant pandas have no natural enemies, etc. Although there are indeed animals without natural enemies in this world, they are really not the animals that often appear in the population.

Moreover, the natural enemies of some animals are not aliens, but of the same kind, such as snakes.

You should know that the natural enemies of many snakes are other snake species that are larger than their own body. Especially in the environment where the king cobra inhabits, it is difficult to find the activity traces of other snake species, even if it is a normal python. Also prey on opponents of King Cobra. the reason is simple:

King cobras can secrete extremely strong venom, which pythons do not possess;

In addition, some king cobras can grow to more than five meters in length as adults, and many pythons are not necessarily so big, so king cobras have become natural enemies of many snake species.

“The most daring animal” honey badger has no natural enemies? fake!

In nature, honey badgers that can live to the age of 24 years are actually considered to have a long life span. This carnivorous mustelidae is regarded as the king of African animals by many people. This may be a Guinness inside them. The title of “The Most Fearless Animal in the World” certified by the world record can capture poisonous snakes at the top, and eat the bees that gather flowers and make nectar, which perfectly reflects their omnivorous characteristics.

In fact, honey badgers do not only live in Africa. There are also traces of honey badgers in the west and south of Asia. If you look at their appearance, they are not only not fierce, but also a little cute. However, this appearance hides one. Fighting heart.

However, not every fight is the winner of the honey badger. The honey badger is not the overlord of Africa. This can be confirmed from their main cause of death. In fact, honeypots are often used by hyenas and some big cats. Hunt down. Just take a little time to verify, we can see the real shots of leopards hunting honey badgers, Nile crocodiles hunting honey badgers, spotted hyenas hunting honey badgers and lions hunting honey badgers. This is the real nature.

How terrifying can animals be restrained by their natural enemies?

As mentioned earlier, natural enemies are a manifestation of the relationship between the two, except that one is the role of the predator and the other is the object to be eaten. It is related to the question of life and death. Can you say that it is not scary?

Many people may not know that Qinling giant pandas have their own natural enemies, that is, predators such as jackals and leopards, and their main targets are not giant panda cubs, but giant pandas in adulthood. In recent years, where wild giant pandas live, it has become increasingly difficult to find traces of jackals and tigers.

I often see some people wondering, if the dinosaurs were not extinct, would humans not be the managers of this world? In fact, this issue is indeed a bit too much to worry about. The biggest difference between humans and other animals is that there is no advantage in size, and not all dinosaurs are huge in size.

Dinosaurs have existed on the earth for hundreds of millions of years, and the evolution of mankind has only been traced back to a few million years ago. That is to say, mankind does not win by time from the birth to the incubation of social civilization on the earth.

At least so far, human beings are still the only intelligent creatures known to exist in the world, so there are no normalized natural enemies for human beings, and nature is what we fear most.

Of course, most other animals on the planet are not so lucky. They are all in different positions in the food chain. Only the top predators in the local food chain may not have natural enemies, such as lions and tigers. , Nile crocodile, golden eagle, polar bear and Komodo dragon, etc. As long as these animals grow to adulthood, there are basically no other animals in their living environment that can become their natural enemies.

But it is also a large part of these animals whose wild populations are already in an endangered state. As for the reasons, everyone should also know a little bit. It is nothing more than the result of the combined effect of two major reasons, namely, human factors and environmental factors. Although many countries are now protecting rare wild animals, when their habitat is destroyed, even if the force of human influence decreases, it is still difficult to restore the scarce wild animals to their previous scale.

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