Can rabbits survive by eating meat?

In the food chain, most carnivores are at the upper end of the herbivores. What happens if the little rabbits eat meat and the wolves eat grass? Can they adapt? Can you survive healthy? Little rabbits are animals that eat grass and have always existed passively in nature. Is it because they are not interested in meat eating, or are they limited in their own situation and not good at catching meat animals? What if the food of a rabbit is changed from grass to ham sausage or other animal meat? Or if wolves don’t have enough meat food, can they survive by eating grass?

The answer is no, they cannot survive. In terms of their own body structure, the length of the digestive tract of herbivores is about ten times the length of their own body. This is because the large amount of indigestible cellulose in plants takes a long time to digest. General meat or captured animals are prone to spoilage in the natural environment. If they are in the intestines and stomach for a long time, they will cause digestive system diseases, and the digestive system of herbivores cannot decompose the meat of meat animals. Like protein, it will cause diseases in the long term, which will make the body gradually deteriorate and die.

Carnivores, such as wolves, have strong running ability in order to catch food. They have sharp canine teeth and powerful jaws to tear and bite food. However, carnivores do not have molars to grind food. Almost all the food they eat is swallowed. It is more appropriate to swallow them alive. The digestive tracts of carnivores are particularly short because meat is easy to spoil.

In this way, food residues can be discharged quickly, even if there are bacteria in the meat, they will be discharged in time. But if the wolf is allowed to eat grass, then the grass has almost reached the end of the digestive system before being digested, so that even if the wolf eats more grass, the wolf will hardly get any nutrition. I can’t climb anymore.

There are also omnivores in nature, such as giant pandas, which eat plants, such as bamboo, and meat, such as chickens, ducks, and so on. Giant pandas were carnivores in the initial period. Of course, pandas belong to the order Carnivora, Ursidae. Although the giant panda has now evolved to feed on bamboo, its teeth and digestive tract remain the same.

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