Reasons why dogs like to sleep with people

The reason why dogs like to sleep with people

In many ways, dogs remain in the puppies stage for life. Even adult dogs, they see their owners as pseudo-parents; so, naturally, they want to curl up next to their mother. In this case, the mother is not necessarily the hostess.

If the dog is usually closer to the male owner of the house, the male owner will become his surrogate mother and the object he wants to sleep with. Regardless of whether it is the host or the hostess, if one of them sleeps with a dog in his arms every night, it will definitely bring trouble to the marriage, and even lead to the breakdown of the family.

Even if it is a strictly trained family dog ​​who usually does not let him get close to the bed, he still wants to get as close as possible to his group when sleeping. The group here refers to the wild environment, when a few puppies are left in the dog When in the nest, of course they will huddle together to sleep. Only when the dogs are expelled enough will they stay away from the dogs and sleep alone.

Even a dog that has received strict training and does not let it be close to the bed, he still wants to be as close as possible to his “group” when sleeping. The “group” here means that in a wild environment, when several puppies are left in the dog nest, they will of course huddle together to sleep. Only the dogs expelled from the group will sleep alone away from the group.

The hazards of sleeping with others

Dogs bring a lot of fun to humans, but many people do not pay attention to self-protection, and even sleep with dogs, which is very harmful. Mainly manifested as human diseases caused by dogs. The following diseases are common to humans and dogs:

(1) Rabies: The virus mainly exists in the saliva of dogs, and infects people by biting, scratching, and licking people. The disease is characterized by phobia, fear of wind and water, and the mortality rate is extremely high. Collie

(2) Japanese encephalitis: The virus is transmitted to people through mosquito bites, and it occurs in summer and autumn. High fever, headache, vomiting, drowsiness, convulsions or coma at the time of onset, with a high mortality rate.

(3) Toxoplasmosis: People are infected by eating foods contaminated by toxoplasma gondii. Sometimes they can also be infected through the respiratory tract, conjunctiva, skin, and also through the placenta to the fetus, which can cause miscarriage, premature delivery, and teratogenesis.

(4) Lentiviral infection: Long-term contact between dogs and humans with lentivirus in the body can infect people, especially children, the elderly, and the infirm. The virus can be latent for a long time after infection, which can cause bone disease, cancer, etc.

(5) Nematode disease: It is mainly parasitic in the conjunctiva and tear ducts of dogs, and is transmitted to humans by flies. People manifest as conjunctivitis and keratitis when they get sick. In severe cases, they can be blind.

(6) Dust allergy: People with allergies can cause allergic reactions when they touch or inhale dust contaminated by pet hair and feces. Manifested as skin rash, rhinitis, cough, asthma, etc.

Dog likes your performance

1. Licking your mouth

The action that even people who don’t own a dog must know, originally came from a puppy licking its mouth when asking for food from a bitch. Although my face is full of saliva every time, this full of saliva also means that the dog really loves us.

2. Looking straight at you

Does your dog often stare at you? In fact, this kind of direct look at the owner is also a kind of emotional expression of the dog. It is said that eye contact with the dog is also evidence of a good trust relationship between the owner and the dog. .

3. Yawning infected by the owner

Just like people can infect each other yawning, people who can infect each other yawning are said to have a certain degree of trust relationship. The closer people are more likely to be infected with each other yawning, and the same is true between owners and dogs. The higher the relationship, the easier it is to be infected.

4. Rest your chin on your feet

Of course, it is also a kind of coquettish behavior of a dog. At this time, if you gently stroke its head, the dog will be happier.

5. Lean on you

Especially the ass! It is said that when a dog or wolf relaxes with each other, they will also put their ass on others, and when the dog’s butt is leaning against you, it means that it is very relaxed and at ease.

6. Approach you after eating

For a dog, eating is the most important thing, and the actions that follow after it has eaten also represent the next thing it values. So being close to the owner after the dog has eaten also means that he really likes you.

7. Watching you quietly when you go out

This means it is certain that you will come back again. Conversely, if the dog is noisy when you go out, it means that it will feel uneasy about you not at home and does not mean to trust the owner.

8. The owner is very excited when he goes home

This is everyone’s greatest sense of accomplishment in raising a dog. Even family members don’t react so much to you when you go home every day, but dogs are as enthusiastic as if you don’t see you in 10 years, even if you go out and buy a dish. Welcome, of course, this also means that it is really happy about our return.

9. Give you his favorite toy

For a dog, toys are like communication props with the owner. Sometimes you don’t just want you to play with it, but you want to prove your sense of existence.

10. Sleep together, sleep with your stomach exposed

Dogs are social animals, and sleeping with their owners is natural. And a dog showing his belly originally means obedience and trust to you, and being able to sleep with you in such an unsuspecting position also means that he is really at ease.

11. The one who was stuck next to you suddenly left

When seeing the owner concentrating on other things, the dog that was sticking around will suddenly leave and run to another place. It turns out that this is because the dog in the wild age can relax and rest only when the leader of the dog group is there, and the dog suddenly left us because it felt that the owner at this time made it feel at ease, so he can leave and find a place take a break.

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