The worst drought in 1200 years will come, 2021: How much suffering will humanity suffer?

On May 11, 2021, (Observer Network) reported that the U.S. Federal Drought Monitoring Map showed that most areas of California’s San Francisco Bay Area are in extreme drought, with a total area of ​​more than 37,000 square kilometers, and will suffer more than in the past. In 5 years, the average risk of wildfire threatened 130%, and just last year, California experienced the largest fire in history!

California is experiencing its worst drought in more than a thousand years

Mike Nicco, a meteorologist at ABC7 NEWS, said that rare droughts have covered California. The extreme drought coverage of the entire California has risen from 53% to 75%. This means that 3/4 of California is already in the area. On the brink of collapse, California is suffering from a drought that is rare in history.

The water level of the Folson River drops and the wharf is exposed in Granite Bay, California, USA

When I first saw this picture, the author was also a little confused. I only found out that this was a yacht marina when I saw the caption. This is Granat Bay, California, USA. The water level of the Folson River drops and the pier on the bank stands on the river bed. Formed such a regular structure.

In the past few months, the western United States, including Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, experienced the worst drought since 2000. Every February is the traditional rainy season in the southwestern United States. The storage of lakes and vegetation will also be completed within this time period. However, in February this year, the western United States is thousands of miles away, including Arizona, and there is no rain in many areas. !

A paper in the journal Nature pointed out that 2000-2018 was the second worst drought record in the United States in 1,200 years, and mainstream American media that are good at creating titles have called this year’s drought in the western United States as “the worst drought in 1200”!

The severity of drought in the western United States

Of course, the history of the United States is more than 300 years. Where is the data from 1200 years (13th century)? However, scientists can always find the rare drought years from the tree rings that have lived for hundreds of years. It is obvious that this year’s drought in the western United States is really not as serious.

Many places around the world are experiencing a rare drought in history

It’s not just the United States. A report on May 11 pointed out that Mexico has also encountered a rare drought. As of the end of April 2021, approximately 85% of Mexico’s area has suffered severe drought. Many lakes are facing drought or even drought. This includes Lake Cuitzeo, Mexico’s second largest freshwater lake.

Lake Cuitzeo on May 4, 2020, May 4, 2021

Lake Cuiz is an internal lake in Michoacán, central Mexico, with an area of ​​300 to 400 square kilometers. At this time last year Lake Cuiz was a lake with rippling blue waves and little sailing boats. However, in April of this year, Only the silt is left, and the water in the silt is also evaporating!

May 4, 2021 May 4, 2021 Lake Cuitzeo (Lake Cuitzeo)

Everyone, it seems that there is still a little lake in the right half, doesn’t it? But judging from the animation, it is indeed completely dried up!

The drought in the western United States and the drought in Mexico are scrambling, and other parts of the world are not covered. Among them, southern Madagascar is also experiencing the worst drought in 40 years.

In the previous three months, the rainfall in southern Madagascar was less than 50% of the normal year. In addition, up to 60% of the harvest is expected to be lost in the coming months. According to the Welthungerhilfe (WHH) report, as of May 12, the arid region has suffered severe famine, more than 70,000 children are severely malnourished, and 1 million people face hunger. WHH has appealed for emergency assistance.

What is the drought of 2021, the end of the world is really coming?

I remember that some people left messages on social media that compared with 2021, 2020 is only a pediatrics. Although many netizens refuted this statement, the situation from last year to this year is indeed much more serious!

When everyone thought that the new crown epidemic was about to reveal a page, the real king of India suddenly appeared, and from the beginning, a large number of 300,000 to 400,000 diagnoses were diagnosed every day, and it has been going on for almost a month, and it has not diminished. Signs! Are you afraid of this scale? And Indian virus experts bluntly said that the total number of infections in India may exceed 300-500 million!

When you think that after so many infections of Indians, there will be a total immunity. This virus has mutated. It is different from last year’s strain which mainly killed the elderly. The current infection rate and the death rate of young people have risen sharply. This is really heaven. Want to destroy India? Of course it is not so exaggerated, but there is such a large nuclear-bomb-level epidemic country in the world, who can easily?

Far away, in addition to the new crown epidemic, the biggest threat in 2020 is the La Niña phenomenon under global warming! Since the La Niña phenomenon entered in the winter of 2020, the world has been shrouded in the shadow of La Niña. This is a phenomenon opposite to the El Niño phenomenon, that is, the “Eastern Pacific Cooling Phase”

The atmospheric circulation over the Pacific Ocean is called the Walker Circulation. When the Walker Circulation becomes weaker, the sea cannot blow to the west, and the sea in the eastern Pacific Ocean becomes warmer, which is the El Niño phenomenon; but when the Walker circulation becomes extremely strong, the La Niña phenomenon occurs. Generally, the La Niña phenomenon will follow the El Niño phenomenon. The La Niña phenomenon will generally occur in the second year of the El Niño phenomenon, and sometimes the La Niña phenomenon will even last for two or three years.

As early as the end of 2020, meteorologists predicted that the La Niña phenomenon in 2021 will continue to cause severe droughts in the southwestern United States and Mexico. The strong west wind will take away all the water vapor in the western Americas. Australia, Indonesia, Southeast Asia will increase rainfall, but Taiwan Province and Madagascar are somewhat unexpected.

Forecasts from the NOAA Climate Prediction Center indicate that conditions in the western United States will not improve anytime soon. The hot and dry weather is expected to last until late October

The La Niña phenomenon this time is somewhat different from the past. Under global warming conditions, the La Niña phenomenon is weakening. Meteorologists are still unable to determine whether this year’s drought in Madagascar and Taiwan Province is related to the weakening of the La Niña phenomenon, but there is no doubt. The catastrophic climate of 2021 will still refresh your three views.

Meteorologists said that despite La Niña covering 2021, this summer will still be the hottest year. The true high temperature season has not yet arrived, and the average temperature in May of this year is also somewhat unexpected. Maybe this is for this year’s Warm up in the hot season!

California fires will inevitably occur on a large scale, because dry thunderstorms will occur even if there is no man-made fire during a period of time. This is the arsonist of the annual California fire, and the dry season this year started earlier, so the California fire has been scheduled.

After the hot summer, the typhoon season is coming. Behind the increase in global temperature, the duration of the typhoon has increased significantly. Because a large amount of water vapor has filled the typhoon with more energy, the typhoon’s weakening ratio after landing has changed from 75 in the past. % Has dropped to 50%, which makes the typhoon have more energy to cause more damage!

This is not good news, but the consequences of global warming have already occurred, and future typhoons will only become more intense!

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