If you see straight lightning, you might be the first person to observe dark matter?

Since the dark matter theory was proposed, scientists have been exploring this mysterious matter for decades, and various complex detectors built on the earth have not found any clues of dark matter.

Although dark matter occupies about 85% of the universe, these matter cannot be observed and will not have any impact on us. In order to find dark matter, scientists have proposed a unique plan, not through the observation of the universe, nor through the particle laboratory, but through the observation of lightning.

Although we cannot see dark matter, dark matter passes through the earth at a speed of 500 kilometers per second. When dark matter passes through the earth, it may trigger “vertical lightning.”

What is the nature of dark matter?

At present, scientists generally believe that dark matter is large particles or particle clusters with weak interaction forces. These particles have appeared during the Big Bang 14 billion years ago, and there are far more than ordinary visible matter.

Because scientists know very little about this special particle, there is no effective means of observation, but scientists believe that if a black hole with 100 billion times the mass of the sun is found, then this black hole can gather enough dark matter to form a dark matter ring , Producing huge radiant energy.

Although the hypothesis that dark matter is a weakly interacting particle has been approved by most scientists, there are still contradictions in this theory.

According to the current theory, if dark matter hits the liquid, then scientists should be able to detect the radiation produced by the collision of the nucleus with dark matter particles, but so far, all experiments have not captured the dark matter particles. In this way, some scientists suspect that dark matter may not be a particle, but an invisible “matter cluster”.

These mysterious matter shuttle in the universe. Although they are macroscopic matter and have mass, dark matter has a very high density and a very small volume, and it will not even affect ordinary matter. If this guess is correct, then when the dark matter passes through the thundercloud, it will leave a “conductive channel” to guide the straight lightning directly to the ground!

Is it possible for a straight lightning to appear?

If dark matter is really macroscopic matter and cannot be seen and will not affect ordinary matter, then when these macroscopic matter pass through the earth, it will release a large amount of energy and form a channel of charged particles in the air.

Under normal weather, these channels will not be observed and will not have any impact. However, if dark matter hits the earth at a speed of 200 to 500 kilometers per second during a thunderstorm, it will directly form a straight channel in the atmosphere, and lightning will be rapidly excited to form a straight lightning.

At present, the most straight lightning in history occurred in Zimbabwe. The camera recorded a very straight lightning, but scientists said that the lightning was not straight enough.

According to the current dark matter data, dark matter will pass through the earth more than 50 million times every year, but these dark matter need to pass through the thunderstorm zone and be observed and recorded by scientists. The overall difficulty is still relatively high.

What is certain is that in the lightning records so far, no lightning meets the straightness of the “macro dark matter” when passing through, and most lightning spreads in a jagged manner.

It is worth noting that in addition to passing through the sky to the ground, dark matter may also penetrate the earth from the other side of the earth and rush to the sky from the ground. Therefore, straight lightning may shoot from the sky to the ground, or it may shoot from the ground to the sky!

to sum up:

Scientists have never stopped exploring and speculating on dark matter. Although dark matter may be microscopic particles or macroscopic matter, dark matter is just a general term for unknown matter. Dark matter is likely to be more than one kind, just like our world, which has all kinds of All kinds of different substances.

Maybe in a thunderstorm, we can wait for the lightning in a safe place, maybe a straight lightning can make you the first earthling to see dark matter~

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