Which places in China are forbidden areas for mankind?

So far no one dares to fully set foot in the forbidden area, there are mainly 10 most famous on the earth-Bermuda Triangle, Kamchatka Peninsula Death Valley, North Atlantic Death Island, American Death Valley, Atlantic Cemetery, Italian Death Valley, Indonesia Java Valley, Area 51 of the United States, Wailing Island in the Pacific Ocean, and the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon rainforest is the most talked about. This area is known as a restricted area for humans. It is mainly rich in animals and plants, and these animals and plants have a sense of fear for humans.

And after entering, you may lose your life if you are not careful. Therefore, it is called a forbidden area for humans. No one dares to cross the virgin forest. This is why the Amazon tropical rainforest can maintain the original ecology. We will explain later. Before explaining, let’s talk about what are the restricted areas in China?

What are China’s forbidden areas called human beings?

There are mainly 4 restricted areas in China, and they are also natural restricted areas.

First, China’s Death Valley. This area is located at the junction of Xinjiang and Qinghai. It is a no-man’s land with a length of more than 100 kilometers and a width of about 30 kilometers. The area is very mysterious, once a person steps into the mountain, what is waiting for is death. According to scientific investigations, studies have concluded that this area is a relatively rare lightning strike zone, where the peak value of the magnetic field is as high as 1000-3000 gamma, so once you enter the area, it will easily lead to the appearance of strong lightning, which can cause instantaneous death of humans and animals. Tragedy.

Second, Shentang Bay, Hunan. Shentang Bay is a stone forest basin with a vertical depression of 500 meters and a radius of about 50 square kilometers. It is in the state of cliffs, and the Zhengege area is in a state of cloud and mist, and it is said that the area is pressing. It is an ancient battlefield. Someone has entered it before, but there is no return. No one dares to care about this place, so it is also called China’s restricted zone.

Third, Hoh Xil, this area is the largest, highest and most mysterious “death zone” in our country. It is called a restricted area. Everyone should know that this area is a high-altitude area where no one lives, and the environmental conditions are very bad. , So it is now a forbidden zone. There are still many titles in this area, which are frightening, such as “death line”, “life restricted zone” and so on.

Fourth, the Taklimakan Desert. It can be said that the deserts are basically dry climates and are not suitable for human habitation. Most deserts are no-man’s land, so there is nothing wrong with being called forbidden areas for humans. Moreover, the Taklimakan Desert is in Uyghur language. “Go in, not out” means, so now no one dares to challenge directly.

These are the four major restricted areas in our country, which can be regarded as natural restricted areas. Let’s take a look at the Amazon rainforest in the global restricted areas.

Why is the Amazon rainforest called a restricted area for humans, so no one dares to go?

The Amazon rainforest is called a restricted area for humans, and it is mainly due to ecological problems. The entire Amazon rainforest gathers 2.5 million species of insects, tens of thousands of plants, and about 2,000 species of birds and mammals, of which there are approximately every square kilometer. There are more than 75,000 kinds of trees, 150,000 kinds of higher plants and so on. Among them, there are countless poisonous plants and poisonous animals. Among them, the most typical poisonous animals-such as: piranhas, anacondas, marching ants and other creatures.

Everyone knows that piranhas mainly live in the rivers of the Amazon tropical rainforest. This creature belongs to the group of omnivorous creatures. This creature has a very developed hearing. As long as any living creature falls into the water, it will quickly swim over. And in a few minutes, attack it in groups. A scientist once conducted a test on a piranha, using a chicken in the water, and within a few minutes, the piranha ate the chicken to only bones.

So piranhas are very powerful and frightening. The marching ant is an omnivorous animal with a very strong toxin. When it bites a creature, it releases toxins. After biting a person, the strong toxicity can cause pain for several days. After being severely or repeatedly bitten, It will be fatal, so I won’t introduce it much. That’s why no one dares to go because they are afraid of “losing their lives”.

So from the perspective of the species we have introduced, it is true that the Amazon tropical rainforest is very scary. It is famous in the “Forbidden Zone” list on a global scale, so in the future, everyone should not challenge these areas to avoid threats to life. .

to sum up

The earth is a very special geological and geomorphic zone. In addition to the forbidden area we introduced, there are many forbidden areas, but many people have not been discovered, but no one dared to challenge the ones that were discovered. Basically, they will be challenged. Threatened, which is why the scientific community continues to explore and publish the restricted zone statement, because this will have an impact on life. In the future, if human abilities meet the requirements, and if permitted, they can still be challenged.

Of course, we still appeal here. We don’t know whether we can challenge the forbidden zone of the earth, but as far as the earth’s ecosystem is concerned, protection should be the main priority, so that the environment of our earth will be better. Too many, the impact on the ecosystem is very large, so now the ecosystem has deteriorated, and the earth on which humans live has also deteriorated. This is why scientists continue to call for the protection of the earth. Only when the earth is good, so are human beings. There is a chance to survive and challenge.

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