Why do astronauts go to space with guns?

Will astronauts carry guns in space? No, the United States is an exception!

But the first time humans entered space was as early as April 12, 1961. The former Soviet Union astronaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human being to fly into space to see the complete appearance of the earth, and the astronauts took It started with him to get into space.

However, the former Soviet hero only lived to 34 years old because of the plane crash. The specific cause of death is still unknown, because the documents related to it were classified as confidential at the time. Some people said that terrorists cut the parachute rope, and some people said. It is said that the flying bird hit the astronaut’s plane, and some people said that the astronaut was flying too old and there was a technical failure.

However, not all astronauts will carry guns in space. The self-defense guns used by former Soviet astronauts range from the Makarov pistol to the three-barreled shotgun after the Transition Island. Of course, its power is not only as powerful as the brown bear, but also on the holster. There is a large machete. However, American astronauts do not have the habit of carrying a gun to the sky. For example, when the Apollo 11 spacecraft manned the moon, only the first aid kit appeared, and the International Space Station after 2000 only used the chopper as a self-defense tool. .

Are astronauts carrying guns to guard against aliens?

Although, many ordinary people and scientists feel that there may be life on planets other than the earth, even so-called aliens. But, at least until now, let alone aliens, even the shadows of alien life have not been seen. And this status quo shows that either there really is no other planets in the universe to incubate life, or the current science and technology of mankind is still relatively backward, and the strength is not enough to detect the vast cosmic space outside the earth.

In fact, it is not surprising that the “management” of astronauts with guns started in the former Soviet Union. After all, unlike the US space shuttles that land directly on the Atlantic, they also have special aircraft carriers that will carry out related rescue activities. But the former Soviet Union astronauts are different from us. They landed inside the continent like the former Soviet Union. If they didn’t return to the expected area, they might be counted by various beasts after landing in the primeval forest, and they were really real. This happened.

As long as friends who have a certain understanding of the space environment, they should not think that astronauts bring guns to guard against aliens, even if there may be other species that can threaten humans outside the earth. If an astronaut shoots in space, the path of the bullet will be very different from that on Earth. Not only is it difficult to control such operations, it may also pose a threat to their own safety, and the probability of accidents is not small.

In other words, astronauts with guns are not used in space, but to prevent deviations in landing. If there is a grab, they can buy more time to wait for rescue, especially in the forests where wild beasts often haunt. Moreover, the role of looting can not only scare away beasts and hunt necessary things, but also signal the location of one’s own location like rescuers, which has a major effect on rescue and survival in the wilderness.

Why should human beings enter the unknown space, even at the cost of their lives?

Everyone knows that thousands of life have hatched on the earth, and the species we know are countless. The so-called life is reincarnation, and the earth has also undergone life changes in the past billions of years. At least we know There have been 5 mass extinctions in the world. Even though studies related to mass extinctions are published every once in a while, we can’t say with certainty exactly what caused each mass extinction event.

There have been so many animal species on the earth, and some species have even dominated the earth for hundreds of millions of years. From the perspective of biological fossils, the time for the human species to thrive on the earth is probably only a few million years, but It has become the only intelligent creature among so many species that has created a social civilization on the earth. The reason why humans can do so many things that other animals can’t do is at least related to humans’ innate curiosity and thirst for knowledge, coupled with humans’ powerful imagination and execution, and then this world becomes us. What I see now.

The more we know about the world we live in, the more crisis we will feel. The solar system where the earth is located also has its own evolutionary cycle. The earth suitable for human habitation will eventually become the purgatory of life, just like Venus and Mars today. general.

As the global warming intensifies, people are more frequently suffering from the severe impact of extreme weather on their lives. Therefore, if humans want to reproduce for a longer time, then, before the earth becomes completely uninhabitable, we will The next planet of life must be found, which is another earth.

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