After losing his head cockroach can live it?

According to investigations, cockroaches have a history of hundreds of millions of years, which means that such creatures existed in the dinosaur era. Female cockroaches have super reproductive ability. A female cockroach can reproduce tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of offspring a year. If you see a cockroach in your home, there will be hundreds of them out of sight. Cockroaches also have stronger survivability: they have their own unique respiratory system, which can survive for ten minutes even in a vacuum environment; in water without oxygen, cockroaches will shut down their respiratory system to maintain body functions; Cockroaches are not even afraid of high temperature and strong radiation.

Scientists have discovered after research that if an atomic bomb explosion occurs in a place, then the cockroach is the only living thing that can survive the atomic bomb explosion. What a powerful survivability! No wonder he was called Xiaoqiang who couldn’t die. But there is no strongest, only stronger. It is said that cockroaches have a more powerful ability than these, that is, they can live without their heads. Is this a bit too much? The truth of the matter, we use science to explain.

Regarding the argument that cockroaches can survive without their heads, some people have done experiments to verify them. The result of the experiments is that the cockroaches that lost their heads really did not die. This may seem unscientific, but there is a scientific explanation. It turns out that the cockroach with its head removed can survive and respond to surrounding stimuli because the cockroach’s nervous system is unique. Its head and trunk are not very tightly connected. If it is cut directly, it will bleed less and its blood The circulatory system is open, and blood can flow to all parts of the body without high pressure. Therefore, only the aggregation of platelets can quickly stop bleeding. Cockroaches do not rely on their mouth and nose to breathe. They rely on the air valves on both sides of the body to provide oxygen, so even if their head is dropped, they can still maintain the body without oxygen deficiency and normal blood circulation.

Seeing this, do you think that the power of cockroaches is going against the sky? However, not to die at that time does not mean that you will not die later. The biggest trouble of a cockroach without a head is that the mouth is “lost” along with the head. Without a mouth, you can’t eat, and a cockroach that can’t eat or drink will never escape the fate of death, but its endurance is beyond our imagination. Experiments have shown that without a head, cockroaches can survive for about a week, and the cause of death of cockroaches is starvation, not because of losing their heads.

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