Why are there genes from other animals in the human body so that humans can violate reproductive isolation?

Have you heard of the “human ape hybridization” experiment? It’s been a long time since the incident. Belarus once published an experiment of orangutan hybridization in the newspaper in 1927. The person who did this experiment against ethics and morality was actually Professor Ivanov of the former Soviet Union, and the site of the experiment was in the Soviet Union. The Humi Ape Breeding Base, because the experiment was carried out in secret, was discussed by many people after it was made public.

As the news was disclosed, an archive document related to this also appeared in front of everyone. This was the only document left by Professor Ivanov in the archives. The draft resolution was established in 1929. May 19th. It mainly involves four parts, including the following aspects:

First of all, the subject of this hybridization experiment is not only conducted between humans and apes, but also between apes of different species, but the experiment sites are all in the Sukhumi apes breeding base;

Secondly, the females who conduct the orangutan hybridization experiment need to be carried out voluntarily, and the hybridization process is not in direct contact. After the person agrees to the experiment and signs, then the semen extracted from the ape animal is used for artificial insemination. , And the woman in the experiment needs to be isolated separately after fertilization.

Then, the subjects receiving artificial insemination need to be strictly managed, and natural fertilization cannot occur during the experiment, and at least 5 women are required to participate in the experiment.

However, until now, most scientists believe that even if the orangutan hybridization experiment was carried out for some time, it is actually unlikely that a new species of human ape and human species will be produced on the earth, because chimpanzees and humans have different numbers of chromosomes. Not to mention whether the offspring can be successfully produced after mating, at least it can be determined that such hybrid offspring, even with greater strength and growth speed, are not fertile, and all of this is due to reproductive isolation.

Men all over the world are born to women, but humans reproduce sexually, which means that only the cooperation of men and women can give birth to children, but until now, it has not been clear that the first man and the first on earth Who is the woman. Moreover, from the perspective of biological evolution, it is impossible for humans to reproduce from a pair to the scale of hundreds of millions of groups today. The first humans to appear on earth should also be a group of talented pairs at the same evolutionary stage. Human beings are not as special as many people imagine, and everyone is just one of the thousands of species on earth.

Regarding the origin of human beings, the theory of evolution is more convincing among the many hypotheses. Although fossil evidence also has the problem of joint timing, it is more reliable than some hypothetical views. As everyone knows, there are many ethnic groups living on the earth today. From the perspective of skin color, there are mainly four types: yellow skin, white skin, brown skin, and black skin. In essence, they are all Homo sapiens, and they are the only species of the Homo genus that has survived so far.

But, do you know that there were other humans on earth many years ago? If time goes back to 120,000 years ago, then the northern part of Africa, the western part of Asia, and the whole of Europe were actually controlled by a human being called Neanderthals, who were also close relatives of the ancestors of modern Europeans. , It’s just that this human species that has only existed on Earth for a while, suddenly disappeared more than 24,000 years ago.

As for why Neanderthals disappeared, some people say that it was the result of competition with Homo sapiens, and some people said that it might be other natural disasters, but the result is that there are no Neanderthals in the world. Why talk about this extinct Neanderthal? Of course, it is related to today’s topic. It turns out that the human ancestor Homo sapiens once had genetic interactions with Neanderthals. The meaning should not be understood by anyone. Simply put, Homo sapiens and Neanderthals have reproduced some offspring after the union.

As early as 2010, scientists confirmed through genetic testing that 1% to 4% of the genetic information of contemporary people belonged to Neandertal genes. The reason why this is an interval value, and Not an exact value, mainly because modern people in different regions do have differences on this point. In 2017, there was also research evidence pointing to the “Xuchang people” in my country, which is likely to be the offspring of the union of European Neanderthals and ancient Chinese humans.

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