What happens when the bullet enters the human body?

The characters in the movie who are shot but linger are misleading the audience. No one can be invulnerable. People are vulnerable to bullets. No matter who they are, it is impossible to be like those superheroes in certain dramas or science fiction films. Bullets are weapons with lethal lethality, killing people in seconds.

Being hit in a vital part, there is no doubt that he died at that time. Even if he was shot in the arm, he couldn’t continue to move flexibly like in the movie and TV series. Some people can even raise their hands and kill several enemies. This is unrealistic!

The bullet will not only leave a bullet hole in your arm, it will also cause more serious trauma in the process of penetrating the arm, basically it can hit half of your arm.

If hit by an AK-47, it is like being hit hard by a 3.5 kg sledgehammer, which will not only break a few ribs, but also be knocked down by a powerful impact. As a person’s neck is very fragile, it is possible that the nerves in the neck will be crushed and faint.

Take a rifle as an example: a 7.62 mm bullet is fired at a speed of about 850 meters per second. After it is shot into your body, how destructive is it? First of all, a small wound with a diameter of no more than 1 cm will be left on your body. On the surface, it is not a big problem, but the blood flow will not stop. However, the more serious problem is that the bullet passes through your body and your internal organs are penetrated, which is extremely painful. The diameter of the bullet wound formed by the shock wave may be as long as 12 cm!

In other words, the part where the bullet enters the body may be just a small wound, but the part where the bullet passes out of the body will leave a wound as big as the mouth of a bowl.

Would it be better if it was shot by a small caliber bullet? Even if you are hit by an air gun bullet, you will not be better. It is not that the smaller the bullet, the weaker the lethality. The smaller the caliber of the bullet, the larger the “bowl mouth” caused by hitting the body, and the larger the cavity created in the body.

What happens after being shot and falling to the ground? An adult has about 4000 milliliters of blood. A few seconds after being shot, about 1/4 of the blood will gush out. When a person loses more than 1500 ml of blood, it will cause insufficient blood supply to the brain. The injured begin to show symptoms of anxiety and confusion. After a while, they should be unconscious, so they can be sent to the hospital for blood transfusion in time to save their lives.

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