Why can a giraffe sleep standing up?

The main reason why giraffes can sleep standing up

We know that for animals like giraffes, keeping vigilance at all times is the most important way to save lives. And their legs are too long, if you lie down and get up again, it will always be very difficult. Therefore, in the long-term evolutionary process, giraffes usually sleep standing, seldom lie down, and sleep only a few minutes at a time. Therefore, the giraffe has become the animal with the shortest sleep time among mammals, sleeping only half an hour a day on average.

Because the neck and legs are too long, sleeping and drinking water have always been troubles for giraffes. For example, when drinking water in Xiaohegou, they always have an awkward posture-spread their two front legs and press their bodies down to bend down to reach the water.

But because in this case, they are prone to be attacked by beasts like lions, so giraffes usually take a sip of water for a few days, and more often they would rather choose to draw water from the plants they eat.

How Giraffes Reproduce

The giraffe has a gentle temperament, and the group is gentle and polite. They accompany each other warmly, close to each other and take care of each other. Their long legs often touch each other. This situation usually lasts for a long time, but they never happen because of such small things. Arguing and contradicting.

This kind of closeness is not only for warmth, but also for safety, a kind of warmth silently spread to every giraffe in the cluster. They often cross their heads and necks, and communicate gently and carefully, like a cluster of tall banana trees, growing on the same root and waiting for each other. Their behavior is so easy-going, kind and natural, and they are completely worthy of their beautiful appearance.

There are occasional fights between giraffes, but friction is only a small episode in life. The ritual of giraffes being close to each other is a very important thing in their lives. This is a demonstration of the power of the group to protect their territory. It is also a way to allocate their mates. The head of a giraffe is a hard horn-shaped skull, which makes it harmless even if they collide, but this collision rarely happens during the courtship season.

Because of their tall stature, their mating is rude, but their mating rights don’t need to be determined by fighting. A love triangle that troubles humans is common and natural.

The breeding period of giraffes is not fixed, and mating can occur throughout the year. The peak is in the rainy season. At 15 months of gestation, one litter per litter is born. The born cubs are 1.8 meters tall and can stand 20 minutes after birth. They can run within a few hours after birth. They are no different from other fawns that have been born for several weeks. . However, in the first two weeks of birth, the young deer mostly lie down on the ground and are sheltered by the doe.

Although adult giraffes are not afraid of enemy attacks due to their large size, young deer are attacked by lions, leopards and hyenas. The pattern of the giraffe is considered to have a camouflage function. Only about 25-50% of young deer can survive to adulthood.

Giraffes are sexually mature when they are 4 years old, but males rarely have the opportunity to mate before the age of seven. The life span of a giraffe in the wild is 20-25 years.

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