Why are dolphins not afraid of big sharks?

The reason why dolphins are not afraid of big sharks

Statement 1: Dolphins are not afraid of sharks, because dolphins are the nemesis of sharks. Fish are afraid of sharks, and sharks are afraid of dolphins. Dolphins are very clever. Dolphins are considered “geniuses” in the sea. Dolphins have smaller bodies and are more flexible than sharks. Groups of dolphins unite to besiege the sharks in an organized manner, using their powerful noses to hit the shark’s side in turn. Because the shark bones are soft, the ability to protect the internal organs is poor, and it cannot withstand the continuous violent impact of the dolphins!

Theory 2: The reason sharks are afraid of dolphins is because dolphins can emit sound waves that make sharks feel uncomfortable. This kind of sound waves stimulates the shark’s brain greatly, especially the sound waves emitted by groups of dolphins are even more unbearable for sharks.

Statement 3: Dolphins are mammals that breathe with their lungs. They can dive into the water while swimming, but they have to expose their heads to the sea to breathe every once in a while. Otherwise you will be drowned in water. Therefore, the most important thing for the newly born baby dolphins is to get to the surface as soon as possible to breathe. Under normal circumstances, baby dolphins can reach the surface smoothly by themselves, but if they encounter an accident, they need the care of the dolphin mother. She gently lifted the little dolphin with a kiss, or grabbed the little dolphin’s pectoral fin with her teeth to make it out of the water, until the little dolphin could breathe by herself. This caring behavior is the instinct of dolphins and all cetaceans. The initial motivation of the dolphins may be just to rescue their own young dolphins, but later gradually became a habitual nature, and the objects of rescue were not limited to their own children. Any objects that are not actively moving in the water will attract their attention and take the initiative to help. Scientists have done many experiments, and the results have proved that the dolphins will take the initiative to help any object floating in front of them, whether it is a lifebuoy or a large plank. Sharks are cartilaginous fishes. When they are cruising in the sea, dolphins will often mistake them as objects in need of rescue, and will use their kisses to arch the sharks, which will cause the internal organs of the sharks to be damaged and die. So the sharks When you see dolphins, you will generally run away with interest. In addition, dolphins usually move in groups, which makes it difficult for sharks to deal with, so it is better to escape!!

Statement 4: Dolphins are much faster than sharks and have high flexibility. It is very difficult for large sharks to bite dolphins and it is easy for dolphins to attack sharks.

Statement 5: Because the dolphin is a friend of humans, its brain is very developed, even surpassing that of humans. There are left and right brains that work in turn, and they are in good condition at all times. The dolphin with the ultrasonic positioning system and its streamlined body are perfect The swimming skills, the super experience gained from the super high age, because it is a group life that can learn from each other, so it has super adaptability, and sharks are born only the size of a slap, and they have lived alone since they were young. Treated as a good meal, without the warmth of home, I have faced a cruel world since I was a child, and I have learned the truth that only the strong can survive since I was a child, and have developed a cruel personality, so he has super high attack power. However, facing the dolphins known for their dexterity, the sharks that used rampages to strengthen their attacks (the main force of the shark’s attack comes from the impact, not the bite force) suddenly lost the target because the ultrasonic positioning ability is more accurate.

Statement 6: Sharks are afraid of dolphins, and that is also a special dolphin-killer whales! Killer whales belong to the mammalian class Cetacea and are the largest dolphins. Killer whales are widely distributed and can be found in all sea areas of the world. In the ocean world, killer whales are the predators at the top of the food chain. Killer whales have a variety of foods, ranging from small groups of fishes and squids to large baleen whales and Sperm Whales; other flippers such as seals, turtles, sea otters, manatees, dugong, sharks, and stingrays And so on, there are even deer and elk, seeming to take advantage of them to swim and cross the waterway to hunt for food. Therefore, it is better to say that sharks are afraid of dolphins than they are afraid of killer whales. Ordinary dolphins (such as bottlenose dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, etc.) are just food for large sharks.

One thing in common will be found in many of the above statements-sharks are mollusks and will be pecked by dolphins. So I put forward the argument that sharks are afraid of dolphins. However, I also found another argument in the collation. That is, sharks are not afraid of dolphins. In fact, dolphins are afraid of sharks. Of course, it is not easy for sharks to successfully prey on dolphins. According to scientific investigations, 80% of dolphins have tooth marks on their bodies after being attacked by sharks and escaped.

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