Why do dogs always have tears in the corners of their eyes?

Cause there are always tears in the corner of the dog’s eyes

* Reason 1: Ear infection

When many people hear this, they will inevitably wonder what is the relationship between the tears in the eyes and the ears. Actually, the relationship between them is very big, and this is the most common cause of tears in dogs.

When the ear canal is infected by bacteria, viruses, molds, or parasites, or the ears are swollen, painful, or itchy, it will cause dogs to scratch their ears frequently with their hind feet, and because the facial nerves are interlaced with the facial nerves. It is a very sensitive area, because the deep pain in the ear canal will extend to the eye area, and at the same time it will stimulate the lacrimal gland secretion. When too much tear cannot be discharged from the nasolacrimal duct, it will come from the corner of the eye near the nose Spill, after a long period of accumulation, brown tear stains on the hair will appear very obvious.

◎Treatment: You can ask the doctor to diagnose the cause of the ear canal infection, and then choose the correct treatment method. Don’t buy ear medicine for treatment by yourself. As a result, the ear disease becomes resistant and it is more difficult to treat the ear disease. After the ear canal disease is treated, the tears are no longer secreted, and the tear marks should disappear automatically at this time.

*Cause two: blocked nasolacrimal duct

Inflammation and swelling of the nasolacrimal duct is caused by infection, causing the entire duct to be completely blocked or incompletely blocked. As a result, tears cannot be drained from the nasolacrimal duct normally, and they will overflow naturally, which leads to an unsightly appearance. Tears.

◎Treatment method: Generally speaking, the veterinarian will recommend antibiotics for treatment, coupled with minor surgery to open the nasolacrimal duct, the disease should be improved; the treatment method and frequency will vary according to the degree of symptoms It may take several rounds to dredge the nasolacrimal duct to solve the problem of blocked nasolacrimal duct.

* Reason three: inverted eyelids

Inverted eyelids, also known as inverted eyelashes, can cause eyelashes to irritate the cornea all the time. This situation makes meow eyes feel very uncomfortable, and then frequently scratches the eyes with the forelimbs, so I often see them showing tears Barking appearance can also cause very serious tears.

◎Treatment: The treatment of inverted eyelids usually involves surgery to solve this problem, which is commonly known as “double eyelid cutting” plus electric scalping of the eyelash follicles, which can effectively solve this problem.

* Reason 4: Lacrimal gland inflammation

The main reason is that the lacrimal glands that secrete tears are infected, causing the abnormal secretion of tears, and the nasolacrimal ducts have no time to clear so many tears, which will cause tears to flow out, and over time will also form unsightly tear marks.

◎Treatment method: The common method is to use drugs to control, the treatment period depends on the severity of the condition, which may range from five days to four weeks.

* Reason 5: genetic problems

Primary hyperplasia is a hereditary disease. The tears are often over secreted, which makes it easy to cause tear stains.

* Reason 6: Special breeds of dogs and cats

This phenomenon usually occurs in short-nosed dog breeds (such as pugs, Shih Tzu, Japanese cruel dogs) or flat-faced cats (such as Persian, Jingila), because this kind of appearance will cause curvature of the nasolacrimal duct It becomes very large, so the amount of tears discharged is limited, even the normal amount of tears can not be loaded, it will cause unsightly tear marks and even black eye frames.

How to deal with tears in the eyes of dogs

1. Puppies with white fur are more prone to tears.

2. Eyelid inverted, that is, some puppies’ eyelids turn inward, causing eyelashes to irritate the cornea.

3. The eyes of puppies who are often teary should be kept clean and dry.

4. Puppies with dry eyes need eye drops every day.

5. Persist in every day, not every month to check the dog’s eyes. Many puppies often accumulate secretions in the corners of their eyes. Use a damp cloth to scrub the face every day, and then clean the corners of the eyes with a wet cotton ball (never wipe the eyes with a cotton ball to avoid scratching the cornea).

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