Why do dogs have lice on their bodies?

Causes of lice in dogs

Surface parasites are present throughout the year and reproduce quickly. Going to play in the grass is particularly easy to be infected. Dogs are also easy to infect each other when they come in contact with each other. Regular external deworming is also necessary. If you have been infected with lice, you can use a pet-specific lice enemy to kill it. It has the effect of killing lice, fleas and ticks. In general, ectoparasites such as lice and fleas are not fatal, but the parasites may carry viruses. Ingesting the dog’s blood can cause malnutrition and anemia. It is recommended to deworm the dog regularly, especially in summer. When it’s the most, try to avoid the infection by taking your dogs to the mosquito-rich grasses as little as possible!

How to deal with lice on the dog’s body

1) Healthy and balanced diet-It is recommended to choose some natural ingredients dog food or expert formulating dog food specially for dog skin and hair, to give the dog a comprehensive nutrition and improve the dog’s own immunity and resistance.

2) When encountering skin diseases, remember to consult a doctor. Although there are many causes of skin diseases, the symptoms are generally similar. If a dog suffers from a skin disease, it is best to consult a doctor and do not use drugs.

3) Keep the home environment clean-regularly disinfect and clean the dog’s places, remember to wash away the remaining detergent (because some of the chemicals in the detergent can cause dog skin allergies).

4) Keep your dog’s body dry and clean-every time you take a bath or get wet in the rain, you must dry your body, so as to prevent your dog’s body from getting wet and becoming a hotbed of bacteria.

5) Regularly comb the dog’s hair-spring is the season for mutating dogs. Regular combing can prevent the hair that has fallen off on the body. The hair after each combing is more ventilated and dry, reducing the growth of bacteria.

6) Improve the dog’s self-defense system-for example, help dogs wear lice repellent belts or use lice and parasitic drugs appropriately, which can help dogs avoid the nuisance of lice and parasites, thereby reducing the chance of contracting skin diseases

Tips for removing dog lice

1. If your dog does not have too many lice, you can catch it manually. This method is very simple and does not harm the dog. But if there are more lice, this method is not applicable.

2. Thoroughly disinfect the kennel and the dog’s living environment: the ground and corners around the kennel may be hiding places for lice and fleas. If they are not disinfected at the same time, it is difficult to prevent future problems. When spraying flea potions, pay special attention to children, dogs, cats, fish tanks and food. In addition, if you often use a vacuum cleaner to clean the environment on weekdays, you can also reduce the possibility of lice, but you should clean up and discard it immediately after suction. The cloth pads and towels used by the puppies should also be cleaned, disinfected, and exposed frequently to prevent them from becoming comfortable nests for lice.

3. When combing the fur of cats and dogs with dense combs, fleas may get stuck in the combs. Don’t crush it to death at this time, but stick it to the adhesive strip or put it in the water with detergent to kill it. If it is crushed, the eggs in the flea will fly out and may be licked into the body by cats and dogs.

4. You can take 250 grams of fresh citrus peel, cut it into pieces with a knife, and wrap it with gauze to squeeze out the bitter juice. Dilute the juice with 500 grams of boiling water and stir it evenly, spray it on the cat and dog after cooling, or use a towel to soak in the citrus diluent and wrap it on the cat and dog. After an hour, all the fleas on the cat and dog will die. Drop!

5. If there are more lice, spraying can be used to get rid of the lice. There is a medicine called Fulaien in general pet hospitals. You can buy a bottle and spray it on your dog. This method is very simple and does not harm the dog. It should be a preferable method.

6. If you are not too relieved about the method of spraying, you can adopt a conservative method, which is to buy a bottle of lice-repellent shower gel, and bathe the dog yourself. If you wash it every day, you will not use it a few times. The lice are gone, not only are there no lice, but also other small bugs and bacteria on the dog. This should be the most ideal method, but there will be some minor troubles. But for your dog, it’s worth the trouble.

7. There is a method that is more worry-free, simple and convenient. That is to buy a lice repellent ring for the dog and wear it on the neck, which is not only beautiful but also has the effect of repelling lice. If your dog is not used to being leashed, don’t use this method. In addition, the effect of this method may not be as good as the above several methods.

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