Why do some shellfish eat boats? what is the reason

The reason why some shellfish can eat boats

Speaking of shellfish, children will immediately think of beautiful shells, tender shell meat, crystal clear pearls, and think that shellfish are simply the treasures of the world. But there are also human enemies in shellfish. One is the shellfish that likes to chisel stones, which can destroy port buildings; the other is the shellfish that likes to eat wood, such as ship maggots, also called “ship chiseling shellfish.” When they encounter wooden boats and other wooden objects on the sea, they adhere to them, and they start to drill the wood continuously, and no longer come out, until the wood is eaten away. This kind of boat maggot has a strong reproductive ability, and can produce several million or even more than 100 million eggs at a time, which can cause great damage to wooden boats.

And long-term drilling into the hole is not easy to be found. In order to prevent shellfish such as boat maggots from destroying wooden boats, people smear toxic drugs on the bottom of the boat, or scorch the bottom of the boat with fire, nail the bottom of the boat with wide-hat nails or embed scrap iron pieces, etc., to prevent the damage of boat maggots. According to the feature that the boat maggots can only live in seawater, the boat can be driven into fresh water or towed ashore regularly, and the boat maggots will die because they cannot adapt to the environment a few days later. In recent years, people often use the preservative creosote oil to press into the wood to prevent the damage of boat maggots, to protect the wooden boat and extend the life of the wooden boat.

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