Why does the dog’s hair fade?

Causes of discoloration of dogs

(1) Genetic problems: The color of some dogs’ coats is determined by multiple genes. Among them, the fading gene that leads to fading will show obvious changes with age, so dogs sometimes have fading phenomenon. Like a poodle, there is no poodle that does not fade at all

(2) Age problems: aging, the metabolic function of the skin organs declines, and fading will occur. Taking anti-aging measures will reduce the fading

(3) Diet reasons: imbalanced nutrition can also cause the coat to fade, such as long-term eating meals

(4) Unhealthy skin: Skin diseases cause damage to the normal structure of the skin, and the death of pigment cells causes the coat to fade.

(5) Skin irritation: When the skin is irritated by drugs or bath lotion, it can also cause partial fading of the coat

(6) Weather reasons: There is also the problem of Teddy’s hair turning white, especially red-brown dog babies. Hot weather and unbalanced nutrition will cause the dog’s hair to turn white. Don’t worry, you can say that many teddies will have this problem more or less in the summer. Add microelements and beauty powder, and they will grow out slowly. It’s red now, just cut off the white hair at that time.

(7) Improper washing and care: Dogs’ skin is more fragile than humans. When taking a bath, be sure to pay attention to the water temperature, preferably warm water, use pet-specific shampoo, and remember to dry the dog’s hair thoroughly after washing. It is also a good choice to use some conditioner in the dry season.

How to improve the discoloration of dogs

1: Give dogs more protein-rich foods every day. Dog food containing fish oil, linseed oil, olive oil, seaweed and B vitamins

2: Eat seaweed foods, vegetables, etc., seaweed powder, hair oil, etc. that contain various vitamins

3: Cooperate with special conditioning multifunctional peptides for dogs: Ten Dogs Shimei Vitality Peptide 4: Anti-aging: Can supplement astaxanthin, anthocyanin, VC, etc.

5: At the same time, the dog should be sunbathing more, absorb more ultraviolet rays, and exercise regularly to promote the dog’s blood circulation and make the dog grow healthy hair.

6: In order to protect the dog’s hair, groom it every day. If possible, it is best to apply a thin layer of hair care oil.

7: Pay attention to daily maintenance and choose special toiletries for dogs to prevent hair fading and skin diseases.

8: Pay attention to enhancing the health of the dog’s own fur, and it is recommended to stick to the use of Ten Dogs and Ten Beautiful Vitality Peptides.

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